FREE WSET Level 2 Intermediate Practice Exams & Study Tips

WSET Level 2 Practice Exams

Practice. Perfect. Pass.

When we took our WSET Level 2 Exams, we went searching for practice tests to take, to see if we were ready.

Sure, there are tons of flashcards out there, but it's not the same as finding out if you got the answers right to the *exact* 50 questions you were asked, broken down into the specific learning outcomes.

We've built these study guide packs to help you pass the test on the first go. Preferably with distinction!

We wanted a lot of study opportunities, so we created two free practice tests... and then kept going. There's the two exams (they just require an email address, so you can get a copy of the questions you answered correctly/incorrectly), OR for $9, you can get eight exams - the two free exams, plus six more. That's 400 targeted practice questions, with no duplicates.

That's ~$0.02 per question! Or one glass of wine at a restaurant.

Unlimited Repeats

Retake the practice tests as many times as you want, until you're getting 100%

Targeted Questions

Every mock exam follows the questions per topic guidelines of the actual exam.

Perfect your studying with two FREE WSET Level 2 Intermediate practice tests and answers.

Use these study aids to achieve the best possible marks on your test. The Wine and Spirit Education Trust defines the following exam results:


55% or 28/50

Pass with Merit

70% or 35/50

Pass with Distinction

85% or 43/50

Sample Questions

Example 1 

Which of the following statements is false?

  • A) Machine harvesting allows the seeds and stems to be collected
  • B) Seeds and stems both contain tannins
  • C) Stems must be hand harvested if the winemaker wishes to use them
  • D) Tannins in black grapes are higher than tannins in white grapes

Example 2:

Which of the following age ranges will not appear on a bottle of Tawny Port with an Indication of Age?

  • A) 10 Years
  • B) 2 Years
  • C) 20 Years
  • D) 30 Years

Example 3

Salt in food will:

1) Decrease the perception of mouth-feel in the wine
2) Increase the perception of mouth-feel in the wine
3) Decrease the perception of acidity and bitterness in the wine

  • A) 1 and 2 only
  • B) 1 and 3 only
  • C) 2 and 3 only
  • D) 1, 2 and 3

Example 4

What color might you expect to see from a premium Pinot Gris in Alsace?

  • A) Lemon
  • B) Brown
  • C) Purple
  • D) Gold

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