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What fun is life without a little adventure? When you go wine tasting and horseback riding at the same time, you are sure to have the adventure of a lifetime. I love horseback riding, but I also love drinking some fine wine. Combining the two is one of the experiences in life that you just can’t miss out on.

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Places You Can Go Horseback Riding AND Wine Tasting

So, if you haven’t tried this amazing adventure, there are a plethora of places where you can get the experience. Here are 6 places you can go horseback riding and wine tasting at the SAME time!

Saddle Up Wine Tours

#1 Saddle Up Wine Tours

When you visit Saddle Up Wine Tours in Temecula, San Diego, you are saddling up and drinking for a good cause. Saddle Up Wine Tours not only offers horseback riding and wine, but they have a mission to rescue horses that have been abandoned, neglected, or abused. So when you spend money here, all the funds go directly to these beautiful creatures.


Saddle Up has several different horseback wine tasting tours that you can choose from. Each tour meets at Leoness Cellars where you sign a release form, get helmet, and receive instruction. Then, you will head out on the open trail visiting wineries along the way. Each winery gives you 5-6 wine tastings which equals a glass of wine at each location.


The great thing is that the total price you pay includes both the horseback riding and your wine tasting at each winery. You can visit up to three wineries along your journey. If you are looking for an experience you will never forget, you will want to try Saddle Up Wine Tours.

Horseback Riding AND Wine Tasting

#2 Cherry Wood Horseback Winery Rides

Saddle up and go sipping through the sun-soaked vineyards of Zillah, Washington. Cherry Wood also provides the funds you spend towards their horse rescue program. This experience in Washington is soon going to be fully deductible on taxes. So, not only do you get an amazing experience, but you help rescue horses and can make some of that back on taxes.


A one-day tour includes lunch, two selected wineries, and your horseback tour. The cost is $245 per person plus your tasting fees and taxes. Or, if you don’t feel like you can ride a horse for a whole day, you can climb aboard the Hay Wagon Winery Tour. On the hay wagon, you get to visit four wineries and tour Thursday through Sunday.


Along with wine and horseback riding, Cherry Wood also offers teepee lodging for each night of the week. If you choose to stay on a weekend, you will need to stay a minimum of two days which includes a full breakfast and complimentary use of the Twilight tubs. Health & well-being Feldenkrais methods are also available to improve balance and performance for horse riders.


When you come to Cherry Wood, you get everything all in one place.

Red Mountain Trails

#3 Red Mountain Trails

Another great place for wine tasting and horseback riding is Red Mountain Trails in Benton City, Washington. You will ride out on horseback through the vineyards of Red Mountain, taste some of the most delectable wines, and stop for a picnic in the vines. This 3.5 hour tour is a great way to get the best of all worlds.


If you want to see the glorious horses, but don’t want to ride on horseback, you can take a 4 hour wine tasting tour in a wagon ride. Lunch, snacks, and water are included along with stops by the amazing wineries of Red Mountain. The cost of this trip does not include your wine tasting cost.


If you are looking to experience the beauty of the Red Mountains, the exquisite display of the vineyards, wine tasting, and horseback riding all in one, Red Mountain Trails is the place to go.

Fiddlestix Ranch

#4 Fiddlestix Ranch

Located in Yamhill-Carlton wine country, Oregon, Fiddlestix Ranch is a horseback riding facility specializing in family riding and fun for everyone. With an emphasis on family, Fiddlestix prides themselves in providing a variety of opportunities for families to bond, learn, laugh, and make memories for a lifetime while enjoying the majestic beauty of the Oregon countryside.


From lessons and camps to parties and events, there are tons of ways to have a good time at Fiddlestix. However, nothing quite compares to the two trail rides: the Vineyard Ride and the Wine Tasting Ride.


Vineyard Ride: Because there is no drinking on this ride, you can bring children ages 6 and up on their first ever vineyard ride. This gentle excursion takes you through the beauty of Yamhill-Carlton wine country vineyards.


Wine Tasting Ride: Now, if you want the full experience of wine tasting and horseback riding, you will want to reserve your spot for the Wine tasting Ride. This three-hour tour takes you on a horseback ride to Saffron Fields Vineyard with tastings of fine wine.


Fiddlestix is the perfect place for winos, horse lovers, and families to enjoy all at the same time.

Afton Mountain| Horseback Riding AND Wine Tasting

#5 and #6 Afton Mountain


At Afton Mountain, there are two local groups that offer horseback riding and wine tasting through the magnificent farms and vineyards of Nelson County and Albemarle County, Virginia. So, stay at the Afton Mountain Bed and Breakfast to be close to these two amazing places:

5 Rebel’s Run Horseback Riding AND Wine Tasting

In Afton, you can take a 2.5 hour vineyard ride through the Afton Mountain Vineyard. Not only will you see local wildlife, but you will stop off at the local winery to sample some of the finest wines in Virginia. Whether you are a beginner or a novice rider, the horses at Rebel’s Run are gentle, well-trained, and will make sure you enjoy your saddleback winery tour.

6 Indian Summer Guide Service

If you are looking for a shorter ride, Indian Summer Guide Service in Keswick offers just an hour long vineyard ride. Taking you through four locally owned wineries: King Family Vineyards, Glass House Winery, Pollak Vineyards, and Veritas Vineyard and Winery, each horseback ride is a ride to remember.

Milk and cookies, cheese and crackers, salt and pepper. There are many things that just go better together in pairs, and we think, wine and horses go together just like eggs and bacon. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Places You Can Go Horseback Riding AND Wine Tasting | Wine Horseback Riding | Horseback Riding Tips with Wine | How to go Horseback Riding and Drink Wine | #wine #winetasting #horsebackriding #horsesandwine 








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