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Did you know that a cheeseboard is one of the easiest appetizers you can put together for a party? You can prepare it ahead of time and it’s the perfect way to welcome your guests before the main course. This fully stocked fall cheeseboard will keep your guests entertained and delighted while you are in the kitchen preparing the main meal!

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How to Make a Fall Cheeseboard

When you make a cheeseboard, you can use just about anything you would like on it. However, there is a method to the cheeseboard madness. Here’s what you will want to have on it:

Cheeses: A good cheeseboard has multiple textures, shapes, flavors, and colors of cheese. You want yours to have at least 2-different cheeses. If you want to learn more, here’s a good place to start! Wensleydale is an example of a mild and approachable cheese for your cheeseboard.

Salty Food: Each cheeseboard needs salty food to compliment it. This could include nuts, olives, and charcuterie.

Sweet foods: Additionally, you want a little sweetness on your board. Add sweet foods such as cranberries, clementine, or grapes.

Crackers and bread: Of course, you can’t have cheese without some crackers and bread. So add a couple of different kinds for people to choose from.

Pick some wine: What goes perfectly with cheese and cured meats? You got it, wine! Check out our Different types of sweet wine, here.

What’s on this Cheeseboard

Fall Cheeseboard Directions

Before you begin, you will need an extra-large cheeseboard. First, place the cheeses equal distances apart on the board, in a rough triangle formation.

Next, place the green grapes alongside one of the cheeses.

Fat out the meats and place them in two different places on the board.

Then, add the crackers and mini naan bread alongside the cheeses.

Fall Cheeseboard

Fall Cheeseboard

Place the clementine and sliced sweet bell peppers on the board, making a rough triangle with the grapes.

For any large spaces on the board, place the green pea snacks and candied pecans.
In small spaces, scatter in the dried cranberries.
Fall Cheeseboard
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 Fall Cheeseboard

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