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Wine and pizza are each to their own right, gastronomic giants. In honor of their contribution to the culinary world, we present our favorite wine & pizza pairings. 

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If you’re looking for amazing wine and pizza pairings you’ve come to the right place. We’ll lay it all out on the table, whether it’s take-out, amateur chef hour or frozen pizza pies we’ve got you covered. As for the wine? This isn’t the time for snobbiness, other authorities might only give you their stone fired pie made with aged cheese served up with a bottle of pricey estate wine. No reservations at casa de la wino! Dust off the coffee table, break out the good paper plates, and get ready for some top tier pairings. (Don’t forget to boot up Netflix).

Cheese and Spumante 

pizza on brown wooden tray
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

I’ve got to let you in on a secret, bubbly wines go great with some of your favorite flavors. Give this combo a whirl, luscious cheese pizza either it be a margarita or classic American Italian cheese lovers with a nice glass of Asti Spumante! This combo is an easy suggestion, as both cheese pizza and a decent bottle of this bubbly can make themselves to your table in almost any town in North America. All you need is a half decent grocery store, a friendly neighborhood pizzeria, or that questionable frozen cheese pizza from the freezer. 

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My personal favorite is Martini Rosso Asti Spumante paired with a cheese pizza of your choice! Be it margarita, cheese lovers, anything you’d like! Italian Asti cleanses the palate with each sip, letting you enjoy each and every bite of your delightful cheese pizza. 

Chicken Pizza and Chardonnay 

pizza on chopping board
Photo by Chad Montano on Unsplash

Chicken Pizza has made a major comeback, it appears it lots of different varieties and flavors. A BBQ chicken pizza with all the trimmings would make a great fit for a nice smooth glass of chardonnay. Chicken’s eternal best friend, Chardonnay’s fresh balanced flavor provides the perfect canvas for your favorite savory chicken pizza!

 Onions, peppers and many other strong flavors make their way into a lot of BBQ chicken pizza out there, Chardonnay accompanies them perfectly, and let’s the more nuanced flavors shine.

Just about any chicken will pair well with a glass of smooth unoaked Chardonnay making it the perfect selection. Very widely available, you’re not going to have any trouble finding yourself a decent bottle. Lastly, you’re going to want a nice porch, some great friends and a quiet summer night. Serve chilled.

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Meat Lovers & Merlot 

a pepperoni and sausage pizza in a box
Photo by Tonya Wright on Unsplash

Merlot has got what it takes to stand up to sausage, bacon, beef and whatever else your favorite local joint calls a meat lovers pie. Its deep flavor pairs well, and compliments greasy red meat toppings perfectly. The dark and mulled flavors of a nice glass of Merlot are the essential pairing for most succulent savory meats. 

The perfect slice of meat lovers pizza is everything we love about life itself, fulfilling, loaded and with lots of flavor. We’re all pizza nuts when it comes down to it, and these slices demand a wine that matches in flavor and kick. Merlot has got a good helping of both, it coats the palate with a complex and enveloping taste profile. 

Meat lovers pizza is all the same, spicy sausage and succulent bacon coat the tongue and are on par with this wine. Merlot’s deep and juicy profile tames fats and spices making for a highly enjoyable duo.

Riesling and Hawaiian: A German Luau 

baked Hawaiian pizza
Photo by bckfwd on Unsplash
  • Tiny Umbrellas 
  • Chateau Ste Michelle Reisling 
  • The Best Hawaiian Pizza in Town  

The unlikely team. The world’s most controversial food, and Germany’s most beloved wine. Scandalous? Salacious? Undeniably delicious. This unholy pairing is making headlines WORLDWIDE. 

Well, here at least. Hawaiian pizza doesn’t have any obvious pairings, but Reisling’s delightfully smooth mineral taste gives this pizza a pedestal to stand on. Pineapple is a fairly acidic and distinctive tasting fruit, when combined with savory ham it makes for an amazing combination. 

Pair to compare is an indispensable motto to me. This pairing however, pairs the unlike. Ham is greasy and deeply savory, and pineapple is one of the least subtle fruits out there, its tart sweetness taking center stage. Riesling is clean, refined, mineral and elegant on the palate. It’s fresh and fragrant, smooth and fruity. 

The reason this pairing works so well, might just be the fruity notes of the Reisling paired with loudest flavor on the table, the pineapple. It takes quite the pairing to put something like ham on the back benches, and this combo is one worth trying. 

Sangiovese: Pepperoni’s Secret Lover 

pepperoni pizza
Photo by Alan Hardman on Unsplash

Phew, back to simple pairings. This one’s a no-brainer. Pepperoni pizza is North America’s most ubiquitous slice. Even the pizza emoji itself features pepperonis, see for yourself! Pepperonis are a proud American innovation, the pizza that they’re usually served on what is one of the most pervasive pizza pie on this continent. It takes an Italian grape however, to really seal the deal. 

Sangiovese is a savory treat. Much like pepperoni, it lingers pleasantly on the palate and makes for an overall satisfying glass. Pair it with your favorite slice of pepperoni, and kick back. Invite that old friend of yours over for an easy going meal, this reliable pizza and wine pairing will have you sipping and reminiscing all night. 

Thanks for Checking out our Pizza and Wine Pairings! 

Let us know which of these pizza and wine pairing had your friends over the moon, or if you’ve got any other suggestions. You can’t go wrong with a nice slice of pizza and your favorite glass of wine, but give these pairings a try next time you’re planning your next Netflix binge watching night. Thanks for checking out our favorite wine and pizza pairings! Let us know which ones were spot on!  

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