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Is it extra filling if you use the beer that drinks like a meal as a foundation of a meal? I think so! Here’s a selection of the best recipes using Guinness beer around. We’ve organized them into sections, so we’ve got cocktails (that’s our jam!), stews, main courses and a whole host of scrumptious desserts for you to peruse and pick your new favorites.

Guinness Beer History

A little back story about Guinness beer for you. Guinness beer is known as the king of Irish beers. Centuries after it first launched in Dublin, it has become a staple of the bar scene in more than 150 countries worldwide! In every pint of Guinness, there are 300,000 super small bubbles filled with carbon dioxide and nitrogen. What makes Guinness even better to drink and cook with? It’s actually a very low calorie beer! So no guilt when you want to enjoy a pint of Guinness. Guinness was also one of the very first beers to be trademarked! This beer not only tastes good but it also has a super rich history!


Having a beer is always a nice way to end a long day but we don’t always think to use our favorite beer in a dish to eat. In creating this list we hope you will find some inspiration in our list of recipes that use Guinness. Weather you are making a cocktail, dessert , or a main dish we want to hear from you! Drop a comment below on what dish or drink you made. Cheers!

Best Recipes Using Guinness

Guinness Cocktails

Mix up a great drink!

Guinness Main Courses

Guinness Desserts & Baking Recipes

You've made it . You've scrolled past all of the savory dishes and now you find yourself in the baking section!

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