Mouthwatering Recipes Made With Beer

While beer is a popular American beverage, it can do as much for an old recipe as wine, bringing out the natural flavors of spices and vegetables and tenderizing meat with it’s carbonation. Any type of beer can be used as a zesty ingredient; however, as a general rule of thumb, never cook with a beer you wouldn’t enjoy drinking. Experiment with your old recipes, replacing part or all of the recommended liquid with your beer of choice. There are not many cookbooks that include beer as an ingredient, but with a little experimentation you can surely spice up your old favorites with a new twist. Check out our amazing list of Recipes made with beer below.

Cooking with Beer 101

Replace one quarter part of the liquid base of your soup recipe with your favorite beer to bring out the flavor of spices and vegetables and to tenderize any meat you may have included. Use beer instead of marinade or water when steaming, poaching or marinating fish. Beer can also be used as the liquid base in fish or chicken batters, adding an excellent and unique flavor. Add extra flavor and life to your bread recipes by replacing all or most of the water required with beer. When baking bread it is best to use a light beer. A lemon or apricot beer adds a nice touch.

Liven up your breakfast by replacing the water in your pancake or waffle recipes with a quality stout. Top this breakfast favorite off with glazed strawberries and maple syrup, and you’re sure to have a new family favorite. Marinade chicken in a 50/50 mix of beer and your favorite sauce, such as teriyaki or barbecue sauce. Allow the meat to absorb the ingredients in the refrigerator overnight before grilling up the tasty chicken. Apply the marinade and beer to the meat while cooking with a pastry dish for a delicious summer favorite. When used for cooking, the alcohol in beer will evaporate, making these recipes safe and alcohol-free. SO let’s see some recipes with beer that you will simply love:

Recipes with Beer

More Beer Ideas

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