Best Shower Beer Holders for a Relaxing Brew

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Shower beer holders have been getting quite a reputation for themselves on social media over the last couple of years! And for good reason, too. It’s one of the many undeniable truths in life: the best beers are shower beers. Think about it, those carefree minutes of soaking up the steam, warm water and aromatic soaps combined, (and perfectly contrasted) with the cool refreshing taste of your favorite can of brew… We’ll get you there with our reviews for the best shower beer holders for a relaxing brew. 

Believe it or not, there’s more than a few of these handy devices out there! Luckily, we’re here to bring you everything you should know before you buy one for yourself! Beyond that you’ll find some detailed reviews of some of our favorite models of shower beer holders to the most relaxing brew you’ll probably ever have! (Or at least, second-best after one in Mexico!)  

Mounting Options for Shower Beers 

There aren’t just a multitude of shower beer holders, but also methods for mounting them as well. Depending on what kind of shower surface you’re working with, one might be better than the other. If you don’t want the most relaxing beer to become the most upsetting party foul of your lifetime, take these points into consideration! 

Stone or Tile  

In my honest opinion, you’re probably better off here opting for something with a much more substantial hold that will account for the subtle ridges or dimples in certain types of tile. 

I would recommend checking out the two shower beer holders featured below that use an adhesive tape, rather than suction cups which are more likely doomed to fail, especially when there’s grout lines present. 

Fiberglass, PVC, (Plastic) 

For smoother, ‘shiny’ surfaces such as these I would say that a suction cup is your best bet! These have a completely uniform and clean surface to stick to without any worry of the suction cup not taking hold properly. 


This is another surface where suction cup shower beer holders are really the only viable option. Using an adhesive strip on your glass shower isn’t recommended, especially if the wall you want to place it on faces outwards towards the inside of the rest of the bathroom. This would result in an unsightly smear that’s visible on the other side. 

Cleaning Your Shower Beer Holder 

Now, it should go without saying that some of these are more susceptible to collecting water than others. With that being said, many people would be surprised to find out just how grimy and dirty things can get under the surface in their shower, despite the fact that they use it everyday. 

Take the necessary precautions to keep your shower beer holder clean the morning after you’re done indulging to ensure you’re not doing any microbiology in your bathroom! 

Best Shower Beer Holder for a Relaxing Brew

Enough talk – it’s time for shower beers! Here’s some great options to mount in your shower for a total life upgrade. You’re welcome.

Sudski Drink Holder for Beer Cans

The sudski is the original silicone, non-suction cup grip shower beer holder that’s got a whole lot of clout to back itself up! 

It claims to be able to grip to any shiny surface and by all accounts does so fairly well, too. If you’re looking for a relaxing shower beer to cap off, (or start??) your day, this is a solid choice. 

Unlike other models this one doesn’t use any suction cups. Those on the other hand can sometimes become a bit unwieldy in a wet, warm shower environment. Although, not completely unreliable. The Sudski however uses an adhesive backing that creates a really strong grip to any shiny surface. 


  • Easy to mount 
  • Won’t fall down easily 
  • No chance of the can falling over 


  • Only fits regular sized beer cans well 

Beer & Wine Shower Drink Holder 

This uniquely designed shower drink holder is capable of holding both beer and wine glasses. This is especially useful if you have a wine loving partner who also loves to get inebriated in the wash! 

It features a locking suction cup that affixes it to the wall of the shower. It’s certainly strong enough to hold your drink, although it is recommended that you remove and reaffix with each shower to ensure it has a fresh new hold on the wall. 

It’s incredibly versatile and can hold a Yeti cup, wine glass, beer can and more! 


  • Holds several different kinds of drinks 
  • Strong locking suction cups 
  • Large holding capacity with 8lbs of support 


  • Needs to be taken down and replaced with each use, (ideally!) 

Sip Caddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder 

I’ll just come right out and say it: this one is probably more well suited towards wine glasses but it does a decent job at holding a beer can without anywhere for water to get trapped! 

The problem with some of these holders is that they have a cavity for holding moisture after you’re done showering which will likely sit there until the next time you get in. (yuck). The Sip Caddy conveniently does away with the cup design and goes for a more barebones style. 

Here’s the thing, it totally works! It allows the bowl of a wine glass to sit comfortably in the holder while the stem hangs out of the bottom.


  • Comfortably holds a wine glass 
  • Sits firmly against the wall of the shower 
  • Doesn’t collect water 


  • Only has one suction cup for support 

Shoreline Marine Drink Plus Caddie 

Don’t trust any of the other models out there? Okay, fair enough. How about you try something marine-grade? This thing is meant to mount on to boats, so surely enough it should be able to handle the shower wall! 

It uses two large suction cups and comes in a white tone that will probably actually match most showers. The ‘plus’ in this equation is that it holds your drink and then some. Usually this would be reserved for lures and pliers, but I’m sure you can get creative! 

The unique shape is well suited to holding both beers and seltzers, too. 


  • Can hold beers and seltzers well 
  • Mounts firmly via 2 large suction cups 
  • Mounts on the bottom as well as on a vertical surface 


  • Looks like it belongs in a small fishing watercraft 

BeautyFlier Shower Wine and Beer Holder 

This all acrylic holder does a great job at holding both wine glasses and beer cans. It has a comfortable base with a slot for a wine glass stel, as well as side and front supports so it only comes out of the base when you intend for it to. 

Beer cans and also regular glasses fit nicely in the top part which has a non-slip coating on the bottom to help them from shifting out of place. This is similar to the Sudski which takes about 24 hours for the VHB tape to set properly after it’s first applied to the surface you’re sticking it to. 

We also love how well this thing holds a solo cup! 


  • Comfortably holds a solo cup, wine glass, drinking glass and beer can
  • Durable and long lasting adhesive tape included 
  • Non-slip coating where the bottom of your drink makes contact with the holder 


  • You can’t use it for 24 hours after installing it 

Conclusions: Best Shower Beer Holders for a Relaxing Brew 

When push comes to shove all of these shower beer holders serve a similar and crucial purpose: bringing us amazing suds while we’re in the suds. I think it’s hard to beat the Sudski Drink Holder at what it does best, which is holding your beer snug while you’re washing up. 

It has a long sleeve that keeps the beer in place without any chance of it tipping, and generally has a stronger surface adhesive grip than the other models. You can also find seltzer holders under their brand, too! 

Thanks for checking out these reviews for the best shower beer holders for a relaxing brew! Hopefully you’ve found the perfect tool for taking your shower time to the next level. If you’ve ever used one of these, or have any questions about them feel free to drop a comment below. 

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