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Drinking wine should never have to be a compromise! Kick things off right this summer with the wine glasses that will elevate your outdoor wine drinking experience to a totally different level! The last thing you want to experience at an outdoor pool party is shattered glass, yikes! These glasses prevent that unfortunate series of events because they’re totally unbreakable! Whether they make it with you into the pool during some uncoordinated mishap, or fall to the ground you can rest assured there won’t be a terrible mess. These are the best plastic wine glasses for by the pool! 

What are the Best Plastic Wine Glasses for By The Pool? 

You should be able to take your wine with you wherever you go! That’s why these glasses are specially designed for those occasions. Look, no sign or busybody is going to tell you where you can and can’t enjoy your favorite bottles of wine! These glasses are specially designed to surpass glass restrictions by pools and beaches, so you can enjoy a classy and elegant wine drinking experience without the risk of shattered glass! 

Some nice, durable wine glasses aren’t the only thing you’ll need for your pool. do yourself and your backyard escape a favor by checking out these trusted reviews for the best swimming pool accessories!

Take a look at some of these super practical, stylish and functional plastic wine glasses that will totally change the way you enjoy your favorite drink. There’s enough variety to satisfy your party planning needs, so don’t worry about a lack of choice. 

The best thing about plastic wine glasses? You don’t have to hover them awkwardly all of the time to avoid clinging them against everything. Live and let live! This is the wine life, baby! And if you’re not ready to spill some fermented grape juice, then it ain’t no party! 

Taking some of your homemade brew to the party? You’re going to have to check out our favorite bottles for packaging wine and spirits!

Do Plastic Wine Glasses Change Wine’s Taste? 

At the end of the day, what matters is whether or not there’s wine in the cup, or not. 

What we’re saying is, any glass with wine in it is a good glass! That being said, the plastic wine glasses you can find now are a lot less susceptible to altering taste than say, a red solo cup. To take it a step further, we aren’t even knocking the red solo cup lovers out there! When push comes to shove, whether it’s a Bordeaux or a two-buck-chuck, you’re enjoying one of the finer things in life. 

These plastic cups aren’t nearly as porous as their mass-produced dollar store and disposable plate aisle cousins. They’re specifically designed to be reused time and time again, some even dishwasher safe! They’re not as prone to taking on aroma, or flavor and will stand up well to any wine you could put in them 

While solo cups and plastic goblets might affect your wine’s composition, tritan and mock crystal glasses are much less likely to change wine’s taste. 

Tossware 9oz Flute Set of 12 

Plastic champagne flute stemless pool glass

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Tossware really lives up to their name. We LOVE this line of reusable plastic drinkware for it’s sheer durability, and at-a-glance similarity to traditional glass. If the world moved towards a more glass-free approach to drinkware, Tossware would be one of the heavy hitters at the plate. This is a sturdy, and attractive looking glass. 

It ranks as our personal best plastic champagne glass. And, it will survive until next New Year’s Eve, too! This is a classic looking stemless champagne flute. The stemless design of these plastic champagne glasses are ideal for holding around the pool, and nestling in sand on the beach. Make these your go-to plastic picnic, beach and pool party champagne flutes! What’s more? We love the Pop ‘n Lock feature! These awesome flutes lock together from bottom to top, for easy and hassle-free storage. 

Best for: Celebrating with bubbly by the pool in style! 

32 Pack Diamond Shaped Plastic Wine Glasses

Diamond shaped plastic wine glasses stemless barware shatter proof

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These might just be the best looking plastic wine glasses for by the pool! If you want to make your friends feel like they’re attending a shindig on Hollywood Boulevard, pick up this huge 32 pack of classy 12oz wine glasses! They sit either on their base, or side thanks to the unique diamond-shaped design. 

The shape actually makes these things perfect for holding by the pool! If you’re going for a trendy, upscale pool party these are the best plastic wine glasses for your guests. Namely because they’re a huge pack, for only a small price tag. And, you don’t have to worry about anything breaking! The only things that make us love these plastic wine glasses even more? They’re totally recyclable! 

Best for: Throwing trendy Hollywood-style pool parties! 

HOST Freezable Wine Cooling Cup 

Host freezable outdoor wine and spirits cup pack of 2

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Double insulated, freezable and totally shatterproof. This is perfect for drinking wine by the pool on a sweltering day out! Store them in the freezer beforehand to treat your guests to a cool and enjoyable wine drinking experience at your next wine pool party! We absolutely love the shape of these plastic stemless chilled wine glasses! They feature a silicone ring above the base for a convenient and stylish holder when you’re walking around the pool. These wine glasses don’t just chill like ordinary glass or plastic. 

They use an innovative design, which features a special gel inside of the insulated cups. That means they chill quickly, and stay frozen longer. That leaves your sangria, Riesling and white wines as crisp and cool as they can be! These classy wine glasses will make you feel like an Instagram sensation, since they’re purposely designed for sandy beaches and glistening pools! 

Disposable Wine Plastic Cups 200 Pack 

Disposable plastic wine cups for drinking wine by the pool

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Alright, these aren’t exactly the nicest things on the planet. But, there’s times when they don’t have to be! How do these little beauties make it to our list of best plastic wine glasses for by the pool? Because they’re perfect for large groups! 

We’re talking graduation parties, wedding receptions and all manner of large-scale pool parties. So, what’s so special about them? Besides the fact that there’s a lot of them, you can toast to the quality of these things. They’re surprisingly sturdy, and will more than stand up to the accidental spill or drop. They’re easily stackable for storage, or putting out next to your favorite wines! They’re conveniently small, 9oz per serving so you can keep your wedding guests, somewhat, under control at the wine bar. 

The Best Shatterproof Plastic Wine Glass for By the Pool 

The best shatterproof wine glass real glass lookalike for drinking wine outdoors

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This is an easy going, classic style wine glass. Except, it’s plastic! This thing is perfect for relaxing nights by the pool. If you don’t want to sacrifice on the ubiquitous bordeaux glass style, Lily’s Home Store has your back. This thing is both elegant, and indestructible. Much like your determination to drink wine where it would be otherwise inconvenient to do so. 

What we love most about this plastic wine glass for by the pool is easily its capacity, and classic stemware style! It doesn’t make you give up on a tried and true style. Class it up a notch! But seriously, these glasses have one huge advantage over the rest. What’s that you ask? Instagram doesn’t know the difference between plastic and glass! Rake in those likes, and do it in style with these loveable and time honored classic wine glasses. 

Vinovita Tritan Plastic Wine Glasses 

Funny Tritan plastic wine glasses funny phrases

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These are easily our favorite funny plastic wine glasses! This 4 set features quotes like, ‘Liquid Therapy’, and ‘save water drink wine’ in hilarious fashion! Break these out during a pool party day, or night, with your best, favorite troublemakers! These things are great if you and your friends have a sense of humor. Their funny quotes inspire you to, well… pour up another! They liven up your party good and well with some lighthearted laughs, and smile inducing charm. 

I’ve got to say right off the bat, these are the first opaque plastic wine glasses we’ve reviewed. Or rather, white. That being said, the non-transparent nature of these glasses isn’t all that bad. At first you might think it’s a little unorthodox to remove that ever present, visual aspect of drinking wine. We’re here to say it’s totally possible to not see through the side of your wine glass, and have a fantastic time drinking it. And it said wine comes from a box, gallon glass jug or gas station, you may not want to anyways! We love these quirky, lighthearted white plastic wine glasses for drinking by the pool! 

Thanks so much for stopping by for some hardy, and useful reviews for the best plastic wine glasses for by the pool. Which of these durable and safe wine glasses caught your eye? I was totally amazed by how similar they look to traditional, ‘glass’, wine vessels. Now, I can hear what you’re thinking. “What’s the point of having a plastic wine glass somewhere I can’t bring my glass wine bottle?” We hear you… Here’s a bonus item! 

PortoVino City Wine Tote

carry-along wine tote plastic wine sack for holding taking wine to the beach

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This stylish tote is perfect for bringing wine where you wouldn’t, (or aren’t allowed to) bring a glass wine bottle! Bring it along for the ride filled with your favorite bottle(s) of wine! As a matter of fact, it holds two entire bottles! Drink up to this fashionable and practical glass-free wine solution! 

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