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Exhausted all of your inspiration for gifting to a wine drinker over the last few years? Luckily we’ve found the best gifts for wine lovers that you might not have thought of! Here you’ll find the practical, the funny and of course the thoughtful in the form of gifts that a wine lover would actually quite like! 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers  

Most any wine lover would enjoy a themed gift that was either practical or incredibly thoughtful. These wine gifts take the best of both worlds, and sometimes even throw in a little humor for good measure! 

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Wine Simple: A Totally Approachable Guide from a World-Class Sommelier 

Give the gift of worldly wine knowledge with this intriguing and entirely approachable guide to enjoying, pairing and tasting and experiencing wine in a whole new way! 

VinGarde Piccolo 5 Bottle Plus Clothing Suitcase

This is something I had no idea I needed until I set eyes on it! This suitcase accommodates 5 bottles of wine safely stowed in an impact-resistant bag that also has room on one end for holding some clothing and personal items. Vineyard tasting trip, anyone?  

Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover 

This ingenious little bottle of stain remover is designed to help lift both new and set-in wine stains on everything from rugs and carpets to clothing as well. Gift a little peace of mind for your favorite wine enthusiast with something super practical! 

PortoVino City Wine Tote 

Let’s face it, wine bottles aren’t the most practical way to transport fermented grape juice. This tote looks a lot like an ordinary shoulder bag, except it’s actually a 2-bottle capacity wine dispenser. Get ready to make some friends wherever you go with one of these! 

‘Wine Lover Lady’ Metal Line Wall Art 

Not sure what to get the wine lover who’s got it all? Consider a strikingly eye-catching piece of wall art that’s impactful yet minimalist in every sense.

Huski Wine Cooler

This cooler is by far one of the most practical ways to chill a wine bottle without all of the hassle. Simply pop it in the freezer, and clamp it on to your bottle to keep it chilled for up to 6 hours!

Drop It Wine Drops 

Sensitive to sulfites or tannins? These drops help mitigate the effects of wine headaches and allergies so you and your favorite drinking partner can enjoy your wine and ditch the discomfort. 

Spanish Stemless Bodega Wine Glasses 

There’s a million ways to enjoy wine, but have you ever tried this Spanish favorite? The rustic feeling of these stemless glasses is evocative of a bustling bodega, perfect for enjoying tapas with friends!

Silicone Shower Wine Glass Holder  

In a much less classy but awesome turn you could set your wine drinking friends and loved ones up with a practical solution to a common dilemma: “how can I enjoy a glass of wine in the shower?” We’ve all been there, right?

Le Château Wine Decanter 

The secret to enjoying a good red wine is by giving it some room to breathe. This decanter does just that, with excellent table appeal it also makes for an elegant serving vessel that’s not too over the top. 

Swig Life 14oz Wine Tumbler With Lid 

The Swig stemless wine tumbler has made a name for itself as being a reliable piece of portable wine drinking gear. Essential for the campsite, cabin or boat these insulated tumblers keep the summer heat and flies out of your wine for a shatterproof and enjoyable outdoor sipping experience. 

Champagne Wall Art Vintage French Print 

As a champagne lover myself, I can’t get enough of the fun vibes this poster puts out! It’s perfect for adding a pop of color that compliments just about any decor style.  

Ivation Wine Gift Set 

There’s nothing wrong with taking the all-in-one approach here, especially if the wine lover you have in mind is short on accessories. This set includes an opener, aerator and vacuum wine preserver as well as bottle stoppers and a foil cutter. 

Gemstone Wine Bottle Stoppers 

Bottle stoppers don’t have to be boring! Gift a wine lover these intriguing gemstone stoppers to make things a little more luxurious. 

The Original Wine Glass Markers 

Wine charms don’t quite fit the vibe? These wine markers give you the ability to color-code glasses either on the base or the bowl to easily distinguish between yours and other guests at a tasting or get together! 

Vinabon Wine Aerator Pourer 

This aerator doubles as a pourer for the ultimate 2-in-1 accessory that makes enjoying red wine a breeze. Grab one of these for a wine lover to help them get the most out of their favorite red. 

Geo Freestanding Wine Rack 

This is a countertop wine rack that does away with the stuffy, cheesy wine decor of the past. Enjoy the gold accent brought on by this modern geometric wine bottle rack that holds 6 bottles comfortably. 

The Original Wine Condom

Funny and functional, this humorous product actually helps to preserve a bottle of wine once it’s opened. Sure, there’s bottle stoppers as you know them. But, the presentation here is certainly worth a chuckle! 

Thanks for checking out these wine themed gift ideas! Believe me when I say that nobody could blame you for wanting to indulge in a few of these for yourself and your home wine bar, too! 

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