Let’s face it, wine isn’t your strong suit. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’re here because you want to impress her and that’s a noble enough cause. This is our guide on how to plan a romantic wine weekend with your girlfriend. Wine isn’t as simple, or just limited to sipping it out of special glasses and discussing the way it tastes. It’s a culture. We here at Aspiring Winos get it, and we’re here to bring you in on the love of the grape.

This is: How to Plan a Romantic Wine Weekend With Your Girlfriend

It’s not all cut and dry, it depends on what tools you’ve got at your disposal. Those are: finances, time, and location. You want to spend a sweet and romantic weekend with her, much like the taste of a fine glass of… Well, let’s keep it simple.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need to dip into your savings, pile up your credit card, or leech from your roommate for this one (nor should you have to!) Great dates don’t rely on spending sprees, lavish locales, or breaking the bank. There’s a time and a place for those. And if it is for her, well… you’ve got the wrong her.

Romance can come in the simplest of ways. In fact, some of the most romantic scenes imaginable actually don’t conjure up feelings of dread that hit you right in the wallet. Picnic outings, evenings on the hiking trail or just pursuing some wine bars are some of your lower cost options. Any good towns got a few local wine bars, and picking up dinner at your favorite joint a flight to tickle her fancy might just be the most expensive outing in this genre.

If that’s breaking it? Don’t sweat it. Grab a blanket, a basket (hell, a laundry basket!) and surprise her with a spontaneous soiree under the stars, sunrise, whenever! Picnics are a great opportunity for experiencing wine outdoors. Set the scene, and stay authentic! It’s a quiet, uninterrupted and very genuine time to spend with her.

Don’t know what to pick up? If you don’t know her favorite wine there’s plenty of resources to help you pair food, bottle and setting. It’s not complicated, and higher end groceries, liquor vendors and even her close friends can offer you a wealth of knowledge on just the right grapes! Get out there!

Simple Romantic Wine Weekend Ideas:

  • Picnic and a bottle (or two!)
  • Hiking Trail Charcuterie (Trail mix & Zinfandel!)
  • Campfire and Chardonnay (oaked!)
  • Special night at the local wine bar

Go All Out & Take a Winery Trip

Let’s clear the air, this is the other side of the bridge. Now, neither option is better, neither is going to woo her any more as long as you’re spending that special time together. But if you do have a few extra pennies lying around, (or you want to save some up!) Here’s a more bourgeois  option. (Google it.)

You want to go all out but you don’t know how? Take it from us, go big on the trimmings and easy on the bottles. What? You proclaim… It’s all about destination, food and setting. Spoil her with her favorite meal, dazzle her with a weekend escape, or book a winery visit. But keep it to what she knows, the familiar is always the way.

If you’ve got the cash flow, you can afford to bust out on a luxurious for two anything! We’d recommend the wine lover’s everpresent dream, winery visits. These tours often involve tastings, immersing yourself in the estate, it’s family and its history. Most importantly however, is sharing that beloved experienced with your beloved. The aforementioned stays the same, we’re no hippocrates! She’ll love any time she gets with you, and how you make it is up to you.

Find a hotel, pick out clothes to wear for wine tasting, eye up the spa menu (yes, that’s what they call the price list at a spa, weird eh?), find a restaurant that you’ll both like and whisk away for a lovely weekend. Plan on 2-5 winery visits per day, depending on how far apart they may be and their hours of operation (Ahem, figure out which ones before you go, it’s much less of a pain!). Also note how much the tasting fees will be, so you don’t have a heart attack on your romantic weekend away.

A Weekend that Isn’t 100% Wine

Destinations are always a winner but there’s plenty of ways to take her off of her feet! Consider going all out for just the two of you, and we mean really do the footwork on this one. We’re talking charcuterie, ambiance, wine (come on), and something special. We’re not saying make it about her either, indulge in a new movie or show together, maybe use it as a setting to surprise her with a trip or whatever your wallet can dream of!

Set the table, play the music, uncork the bottle and put out the meanest spread money can buy! And give her your best and most honest you. Wine is life, but this is all about you and her and if you can’t give her your most sincere than this is all for nought.

Go All Out With These Luxurious Ideas…

  • Winery Visit (do the research, she’ll never forget it!)  
  • Surprise Destination Escape (big weekend getaway)
  • Splurge on a romantic living room date (Big spread, and lots of wine!)
  • Horseback Riding (Girls love horses, and wine!)

It’s the time you share, the adventure and experience you make out of it that makes or breaks the romantic element. Don’t fuss over which wine… There’s people for that, you’re sure to bring home a bottle of something special we’re sure of it. Surprise her, because in the end it’s all about you and her. (Ok seriously but don’t screw up the wine!) 

Ready to sweep your girlfriend off her feet? Here is how to plan a romantic wine weekend with your girlfriend! We've got tips for romantic weekends away, or at home, including outfits to wear, what to look for when planning your trip, and where to focus for the wow factor. Enjoy! #wine #winetasting #winetravel #travel #romance #couples

Ready to sweep your girlfriend off her feet? Here is how to plan a romantic wine weekend with your girlfriend! We've got tips for romantic weekends away, or at home, including outfits to wear, what to look for when planning your trip, and where to focus for the wow factor. Enjoy! #wine #winetasting #winetravel #travel #romance #couples


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