The Ultimate List of Old Fashioned Cocktails

We are sure you’ve had an Old Fashioned a few times over the year, typically make with whiskey, water or ice, bitters, some sort of citrus (usually an orange), and a sweetener (sugar cubes or simple syrup). They’ve been around since the early 1800’s! But did you know there’s TONS of different types of old fashions? This ultimate list of Old Fashioned cocktails take the classic ingredients but put a spin on it, by adding fruit, other liquors, and even turn them into slushies. Pear, Espresso and some that may just surprise you, seriously who knew you could make so many different types! Check out our amazing collection of Old Fashioned cocktail recipes below.

Unique Old Fashioned Cocktails

Smokey bacon, cranberry, blood orange, and so much more! The list of recipes to make an Old Fashioned will surprise you! Even some slushie and hot versions! The best part is all these recipes start with the core ingredients needed for a classic Old fashioned but just add a unique spin on them. Why not plan a fun evening with your closest friends and family and have an Old Fashioned tasting party! Make some appetizers and mix up a bunch of different versions of this classic cocktail. Have everyone vote on their favorite one and make it a fun evening! Cheers!

Old Fashioned Cocktails

Discover how many amazing unique versions of this classic cocktail there are with this list of Old Fashioned Cocktails.

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