Get into the Holiday Spirit with Irresistible Peppermint Cocktails

Nothing says Holiday season more than Peppermint! It not only smells amazing but it tastes amazing. Did you know you can add peppermint to cocktails? We don’t just mean peppermint flavors liquor we also mean crushing up peppermint to using peppermint in the drink itself. We’ve gather an amazing collection of Peppermint Cocktails that will amaze you and instantly put you in the holiday spirits!

Festive Peppermint Cocktails

Ah peppermint, one of the most familiar scents and tastes around. Peppermint has been around for ages! It dates back to at least 1500 BC! Ancient Egyptians used peppermint leaves, so you can throw that fact out at guests when serving them up one or two of these delicious cocktails. Another fun fact? Peppermint plants are a hybrid plant – it’s made up of mint, water-mint, and spearmint all into one. Pretty cool! We love a good cocktail, especially ones that bring in the holiday cheer. Refreshingly cool cocktails to warm – makes you want to cuddle under a blanket cocktails! We’ve literally found the best of the best when it comes to peppermint cocktails!

Peppermint Cocktails

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