Indulge in the Creamy Goodness: Brie Appetizers for Wine Tastings

If you are planning a wine tasting in the near future you need to consider adding some appetizers that are made with Brie. Brie is often an underrated ingredient when it comes to dishes! Not entirely sure why since its so delicious! Brie is often described as rich, buttery, with a slight nut flavor. Making it an excellent addition to any spread at your next wine tasting. Brie is often best paired with red wines, but can work with many white, rose, and sparkling wines. Check out our amazing list of Brie Appetizers below!

Creamy and Rich Brie Appetizers

Brie not only makes amazing appetizers but its also rich in courses of fats and proteins. Little fun fact about Brie. one ounce of brie cheese contains about six grams of protein and eight grams of fat, which also includes saturated fat. So you can feel less guilty serving up these delicious dishes. Flatbread, dips, and even a few desserts! Tons of options to serve up at your next wine tasting.

Brie Appetizers

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