Planning a wine tasting party? Well we have some amazing Eggplant Appetizer Recipes that are sure to impress all guests! This high-fiber and low calorie vegetable not only can be turned into many delicious appetizers it has SO many health benefits. Eggplant contains fiber, vitamins, and many minerals which all help our bodies function for the better. Who knew this vegetable was so healthy? Not to mention how many creations you can make from it. Basically you and your guests can snack away without any guilt since eggplant is basically a super food after all!

Wine and Eggplant Appetizers

Let’s talk wine for a minute. When it comes to a wine tasting you can try any type however if you are looking for wines that pair really well with eggplant we have a few suggestions. Some wines we suggest pairing with eggplant are White Zinfandel, Chablis, Sauvignon blanc, barbera, and a Pinot Noir! These all pair very nicely with any style eggplant! Of course since you are doing a wine tasting you can try basically any type to see what you and your guests enjoy the most! Check out our amazing selection of appetizers below. Dips to pasta you have a little something of everything!

Eggplant Appetizer Recipes

Find the perfect eggplant appetizer for your next wine tasting right here! From dips to pastas we have something for everyone.

I hope you found some inspiration for some delicious appetizers for your next wine tasting from this selection of eggplant appetizer recipes. If you need some more great ideas for your upcoming wine tasting party check out our blogs on other appetizers to serve at your next wine tasting:

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