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When you have a wine tasting party, you just have to have some kind of food to go with it. You don’t have to have a big gourmet dinner, but a few appetizers would be idea. These Egg-Based Appetizers are perfect for Your Next Wine Tasting Party!

Egg-Based Appetizers for Your Next Wine Tasting Party | Best Appetizers for Your Wine Party | Egg Appetizers | Wine Appetizers | #appetizers #winenight #party

Egg-Based Appetizers

From deviled eggs to French Cheese Puffs, we have every egg-based appetizer you can think of. In fact, these appetizers pair quite nicely with a fine glass of wine!

Egg-Based Appetizers for Your Next Wine Tasting Party

What Wine to Pair with Egg-Based Appetizers

Eggs pair well with wine and that’s because you can find a wine that can pair with just about any food you love. Here are the best wine choices to pair with your egg-based appetizers:

Sparkling Wine

Champagne and eggs are a pretty classic pairing. In fact, this is why we have mimosas! The bubbles and acidity cut through the egg fat making it delicious and nutritious. If you are looking for a less expensive pairing, you can choose wines like Cremant du Jura or Cremant de Bourgogne

Crisp, Unoaked Sauvignon Blanc

Soulignons Blanc as well as Zingy whites pair very nicely with eggs. In fact, unbaked Sauvignon Blanc is terrific with eggs that are made with herbs, goat cheese, peppers or seafood. 


If you have some tricky egg appetizers, Roses (tostados) pair well with them. If you have eggs in tomato sauce for example, these fruity based wines will pair perfectly. 

Gamay or Light Reds

If you are making an appetizer with eggs, mushrooms, bacon, sausage or other cured meat, Gamay or light red wines pair well. You want wines from the Gamay grape or unbaked Pinot Noir. 

If you feel up to it, make an appetizer to pair with each type of wine and have your own wine tasting experience right at home. 

Other Appetizers to Try

Of course, if you want some other appetizers, we have plenty that will pair with your wine of choice. Check out some of our other appetizer choices:


Egg-Based Appetizers for Your Next Wine Tasting Party | Best Appetizers for Your Wine Party | Egg Appetizers | Wine Appetizers | #appetizers #winenight #party

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