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Slate cheese boards are great for entertaining because besides being stylish you can write on them with chalk! That means they’re perfect choices for entertaining. If you’re serving cheese at a wine tasting, these are some of our best picks. 

Best Slate Cheese Boards for Wine Tasting

You can use these cheese boards individually, or grab a few and organise the cheese based on what wines it pairs with. Having the right side dishes (especially cheese!) at a wine tasting can really improve the whole experience. 

But, pairing the wrong cheese and wine means you won’t be bringing out the flavour combination properly, and might even make one or the other taste worse in the process. 

That’s why slate cheese boards that can be clearly labelled are great for wine tastings. Then there’s no confusion about what you’re snacking on! 

What is Slate Anyway?

If you’re looking at getting yourself a slate cheese board it’s probably a good idea to familiarise yourself with the material. Slate is a type of rock that’s made up of clay or volcanic rock pressed together. 

Slabs of slate are then cut from the rocks and treated so it’s safe to use with food. Slate quality varies, but if you’re just looking for something to use for occasional entertaining you won’t notice the difference much. 

What Can You Use to Write on a Slate Cutting Board?

One of the biggest selling features of slate cutting boards is that you can write on them. Most people like to use chalk, which is readily available almost everywhere. I personally prefer high quality brands because they write nicer and there’s less chances of there being any toxic substances.

For the record, chalk is naturally minimally toxic – so you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to food safety.

Liquid chalk markers aren’t as good on slate. Not because they don’t write well (they look great!) but because slate is somewhat porous. That means anything you right has the chance of getting stained permanently.

If you’re not worried about leaving a permanent mark, though, then choose non-toxic chalk markers.

Olyv Branch Slate Cheese Board Set

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I like that this cheese board comes with absolutely everything you need to entertain. There’s the slate board itself, plus some extra dishes you can use for other snacks (like olives and nuts) or for dips.

On top of that there’s also an array of cheese knives that you can use to serve. The included chalk is also nice, and handy that it’s sharpened to a point. Finally, this board has handles – which is great because carrying a cheese covered slab of slate is somewhat awkward.


  • Comes with everything you need to serve cheese at your next wine tasting
  • Handles are nice
  • Rubber pads on the bottom help protect surfaces


  • Handles take up some of the surface space that could be used for food
  • Stainless steel handles are nice but not super trendy

Shanik Upgraded Acacia Cheese Board Set

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This unique cheese board is great if you don’t want your different cheese too close together. You can also use the sides for other snacks like meat, fruits, etc to create even more flavour combinations to pair with your wine tasting.

The handles are on the sides which makes it easy to carry without taking out serving space, something I appreciate since most slate boards aren’t very big.


  • Different compartments so you can separate food easier
  • Handles are useful, but nestled into the sides to maximise space
  • Side drawer holds cutlery for easy storage


  • Since there are compartments you’re beholden to placing items of that size inside them
  • Slate area is really small, not good if you have a variety of cheeses to serve and label

Large Slate Cheese Board and Knife Set

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Sometimes simpler is better, and that’s definitely true when it comes to slate cheese boards to use for a wine tasting. This one is a large piece of slate without any extra extras like handles, trays, and so on. 

What makes it great is the larger side, which means you can fit even more delicious cheese to enjoy with your wine. You could easily line a few up side by side for a longer serving area too.


  • Large size slate cheese board
  • Simple design will go with any kind of decor vibes you’re looking for
  • Knives and serving dishes are also included


  • No handles so it can be difficult to carry
  • Cheese might leave grease marks on it
  • Extra knives aren’t helpful if you already have your own set

Proper Goods Slate Cheese Board 

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This slate cheese board is perfect for your wine tasting because it’s a good size. At 16” x 12” you should be able to fit a small selection of cheese varieties. Or grab a couple and separate by wine variety.

One thing I like are the handles. They’re modern – and so is the cheese board itself. There are also nice looking cheese knives and soapstone chalk included.


  • Handles make it easier to carry
  • Sturdy and heavy
  • A good size


  • Handles aren’t very durable and sometimes need tightening
  • Slate is prone to staining and can break easily if dropped

Fox Run Slate Cheese Board, Round Gray

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Maybe rectangle slate cheese boards aren’t your thing? Round ones add a different look to your table layout, and look awesome when you use multiples and have one or two cheese varieties on each. 

This one is also budget friendly, too. 


  • Round cheese board makes entertaining more unique
  • Can be used on or buy a few to organise your cheese offerings
  • Dress it up or down


  • No handles
  • Prone to staining (since it’s natural slate)
  • Doesn’t hold a lot

Acacia Wood and Natural Black Slate Cheese Board 

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I know it’s not all slate, but this acadia wood and slate cheese board is too cool to not include. Between the natural wooden design and the convenient handle, it’s not just stylish but practical too.

Since slate can often be stained by wood, this cheese board offers the best of both worlds for a wine tasting. You can set the cheese on the wooden part, and use the slate to label each one. Win-win!


  • Less prone to staining than a full slate cheese board
  • Trendy and stylish design
  • Has a handle that adds to the look and doesn’t cut down on function


  • On the smaller side
  • Not fully slate

What is the Best Slate Cheese Boards for Wine Tasting?

Cheese boards are a little bit personal. The best cheese board for a wine tasting is going to be whatever one fits the cheese you want to serve and your budget. But, if you’re still not sure, the best all around cheese board out there is the Proper Goods slate cheese board. 

First, and maybe most important, it’s a great size. Having a cheese board that’s too small means the cheese gets crowded and doesn’t look as nice. Or worse, it’s hard to tell what-what. Thus making labelling them pointless.

If you’ve ever carried a slate board you’ll know that they’re heavy. This cheese board is no exception, but that’s not a bad thing. It feels sturdy! But that also means the handles really come in handy.

While it can be frustrating that they can get loose, it does come with extra screws just in case.

Normally we don’t focus on price too much when it comes to our reviews but this is a rare time I feel like it’s important. This slate cheese board is very budget friendly – and I really love that because it means it’s accessible if you want to get a few in order to separate cheese based on wine varieties.

It also means you’re spending less on your servingware and more on wine and cheese!

Speaking of serving, the fact that it comes with the cheese knives is handy too. Even if you already own a set it’s nice to have a few extras especially when you’re serving to a crowd. The ones included are stylish so you’ll actually want to use them.

Since it’s natural slate this cheese board is prone to staining. You’ll want to keep that in mind when using it – and also make sure you follow all the washing instructions so you don’t damage it while washing.

Slate Cheese Boards for Wine Tasting – Final Thoughts

Since you’re looking for the best slate cheese boards for wine tasting I want to leave you with a tip: You can remove oil stains from slate by using paper towel, baking soda, corn flour, oil stain remover, and some other solutions. So don’t let that turn you off buying a slate cheese board!

Slate cheese boards are a great way to dress up an at home wine tasting. With so many options out there, there’s definitely something that can make your guests say “wow” at your next party.

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