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Padding out your wine and cheese tools? Or, maybe you’re shopping for a friend. Set yourself up for a delightful wine tasting or cheese pairing night with some of the best cheese knives to add to your set! We’ve reviewed these cheese knives to cut through the ones you should avoid, and give you an idea of which one works best for your favorite cheeses. 

What are the Best Cheese Knives to Add to Your Set? 

Good cheese knives are one of those tools your winebar shouldn’t go without! When you’re slicing up some of your favorite cheese for charcuterie boards, wine tastings or even just a personal cheese board, you’re going to want to make sure you have the right tool for the job. 

Below we’ve reviewed some of the best cheese knives to add to your set, as well as a few things you should really know before you buy when it comes to a wine and cheese tool worth investing in! 

What Makes a Good Cheese Knife? 

A good cheese knife is either versatile enough, or perfectly well suited for the cheese you want to slice up. Some are serrated, others slightly blunt and some with a sharp cutting edge. Getting the perfect slice of cheese without ruining the block or producing ‘smushed’ pieces is the goal here! 

Of course, these knives should also look good doing it! There’s plenty of factors that could affect your choice of cheese knife from size, to style and handle. Are you buying a knife, or set of cheese knives to match your cutlery and/or serving platter? Or, are you looking for the best all-around cheese slicing tool that’s going to get the job done without a whole lot of flair? 

We’ve covered all of the bases with these cheese knives chosen for their overall quality, versatility and style that will make the best fit for your at home wine and cheese party! 

Reviewing the Best Cheese Knives 

Model 1764 Cutco Cheese Knife 

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You’re likely to see plenty of cheese knives that fit this overall design. There’s a good reason for that, too! 

The micro-d serrated blade and hollowed blade surface makes knives like these ideal for cutting through both soft and hard cheeses. While there’s arguably more suitable knives for each job, you can’t go wrong with something like this. 

The blade is highly maneuverable at just under 5.5 inches, providing for a clean and easy cheese slicing tool. It’s a knife with a very easy to clean design, too! A quick and careful wipe with hot soapy water is all it takes to keep this blade looking brand new. 


  • Excellent manufacturer’s guarantee 
  • Perfect length and ergonomic handle for maneuverability 
  • Micro-serrated for seamless cheese slicing weather hard or soft 


  • Does not include a sheath, and likely won’t fit in your knife block easily 

Lunar Premium 6-Piece Cheese Knife Set 

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This is a 6-piece set that’s designed to bring both versatility and style to your wine and cheese night preparations. We recommend these sets for their ease of use when you’re serving up slices ala carte for you or company since they’ve got some decent table appeal to go with your servingware. 

Besides making for a great wine lover’s gift, this box set of knives by ICOSA Living includes a variety of cheese slicing and serving tools that make your wine night a no-brainer! 

It includes a spreader for much softer cheeses, a fork, and 4 cheese knives each suited to cheeses of various textures and firmness. 


  • Stylish stainless steel finish with lots of table appeal 
  • Versatile 6-piece set for every kind of cheese 
  • Ideal for serving cheese slices one or two at a time on wine night 


  • These are easy to use, but the balance might cause them to knick your tabletop if you’re not careful 

Global GS-10 Cheese Knife 

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While this one does look a little more like a knife for dressing fish, it’s attractive curved handled design and seamless grip make it an all-around cheese cutting knife that you’ll be quick to welcome into your collection. 

If you’re quite serious about your cheese fanaticism, this knife does well to compliment your habit. Its curved, perforated blade is perfect for creating uniform cheese slices without putting up too much of a fight. 

The material is a vanadium and molybdenum blend, resulting in a durable and easy cut. The tip also doubles as a cheese fork for easier serving should you decide to use it! 


  • High-quality blend of stainless steel for a long-lasting blade surface 
  • Smooth and consistent sliced pieces 
  • Stippled handle grip for added safety 


  • The combination of the curved blade and angled handle could take a small amount of getting used to 

Boska Copenhagen Mini Knife Set of Cheese Knives 

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This is the perfect little set of cheese knives to set you up, especially if you’re just taking the first step into the world of wine and cheese! It’s great for small serving portions and slicing straight on the cutting board at the table. (Or coffee table, we don’t judge!) 

The Boska set comes in an attractive grayish steel color that steals the show on your cutting board. Included is a spreader, two all-around cheese knives and one for firmer pieces. It provides a decent amount of versatility for cutting firmer cheeses, and taking thin slices off of the more expensive stuff. 

These are a sort of compromise between full-size cheese knives, and those small serving platter ones you’ll often see in a set. Thanks to this though, you can relegate them to a small cutting board off to the side without them taking up the whole table. 


  • Medium-sized knives that are large enough for comfortable slicing, but not individually sized. 
  • Full-steel design that’s easy to clean and looks great on a tabletop cutting board 
  • Ideal for cutting a varied selection of cheese both hard and soft 


  • A little bit lighter than you’d expect thanks to hollow handles, this could make them feel a little less ritzy to some 

4 Piece Stainless Steel Gold Cheese Knives 

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If you’re seriously all about that aesthetic on your charcuterie setup, you can’t go wrong with these gold colored stainless steel cheese knives! 

They might look gold coated, but these cheese knives are a high quality stainless steel that’s ideal for slicing your favorite cheeses. This is definitely a set that’s a little less focused on functionality, instead giving you a simplistic and eye-catching set of knives to add to your wine and cheese collection! 

They’re comfortable to use while slicing, anti-rust and include 4 different knives designed for slicing and serving. 


  • Versatile enough for both serving and slicing cheese right a the table 
  • Gold stainless steel luster that really stands out 
  • Great for crumbly cheeses and shaved pieces 


  • Handles may be too small for some

Conclusions: Best Cheese Knives to Add to Your Set 

A real cut above the rest, these knives each stand to make a serious impact on your wine and cheese setup! 

Kept in the kitchen, it’s better to scale-down to a more all around versatile cheese knife that will slice what you need and quickly. These cheese knives will slice most of what you’ll want to serve up for yourself or guests. 

For serving, there’s much more variety in the type of cheese knives that you’ll come across. These come in a multi-piece set, ultimately designed to be used for a wide variety of cheese both hard and soft. They’re also more intricately designed since they’re for serving, and in many cases for guests to use themselves, too. 

All around I found the Global GS-10 to be the most efficient and versatile cheese knife. It’s perfect for cutting lots of different types of cheeses without a whole lot of hassle thanks to its functional design. 

Hopefully these reviews gave you a sense of the difference between each of the most popular models of cheese knives in terms of their style and functionality. These are definitely something that you want to look good on your table if you’re using them for serving. 

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