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Looking for a gift idea for a boozy bestie? Mezcal and tequila drinkers can agree on one, and that’s a full home bar full of spirits, friends and the right tools for making their favorite drinks! There’s a tequila shooter and margarita mama inside of all of us, which is why we’ve rounded up the best gifts for tequila lovers! 

The Best Gifts for Tequila Lovers who Party Hard

These gift ideas encompass everything that a tequila is in body and spirit. That is, a fun-loving person who’s passionate about their favorite type of booze. These are perfect for inspiring their next party, hosting the ultimate Taco Tuesday or serving up a flight of tequilas for an at home tasting! 

Check out the best gifts for tequila lovers below, (you might just even find something for your home bar, too!) 

Spill-Stop Stainless Steel Pourer

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This stainless steel pourer is especially designed for wide-neck liquor bottles, a lot like those you’ll find with your favorite brands of tequila! It’s corked, so it fits in snug and produces the perfect pour every time. 

Jose Cuervo Margarita Salt 

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This incredible little container of margarita salt is spruced by Jose Cuervo for use with their tequila! It’s the perfect addition to a home bar and even doubles as a rimmer container and lime juicer on the top. 

Margarita Cocktail Mixer Variety Set 

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This 7-pack of artisan margarita flavors include fruity favorites like pomegranate, blood orange and mango! They’re perfect for getting the party started, or just giving your favorite tequila loving friend something new to try. 

Tequila or Mezcal Glass Decanter 

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If you’re trying to help someone bring their little tequila bar some more authentic decor, this glass spirits decanter makes a great addition to their collection! 

Tequila and Mezcal Glasses

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This is a set of 6 traditional style mezcal glasses that can take your average taco night and turn it into something even more fun! 

Hand Blown Mexican Tequila Shot Glasses 

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These hand blown shot glasses with a lovely cobalt blue hue also give the impression of an authentic Mexican taqueria! Serve these up with their favorite tequila for a wonderful surprise. 

Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative 

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Sadly enough, all the time isn’t the right time to pour up a tequila cocktail, or throw back a smooth and sweet shot. This zero proof, non-alcoholic tequila alternative is a great way for fans of the spirit to enjoy their favorite drink even if they’re the DD. 

Tequila Decanter Set With Agave Glass Motifs 

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This is a decanter that’s specifically made to honor the plant that gives us our favorite spirit! This handmade set includes shot glasses and a decanter that all feature a small glass agave plant in the middle. 

The Oaxaca Tequila Glass 

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This authentic ‘bowl’ style glass tequila vessel is a traditional way of enjoying the spirit that Mexico has become universally renowned for. Share it with your favorite tequila lover for a whole new drinking experience! 

Tequila Drinking Set 

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This set includes shot glasses, garnish knife and a small rimmer so you can enjoy the full tequila shooter experience wherever you’re at! Gift it to a tequila lover who loves to take the party with them wherever they’re at. 

Tequila Piñata 

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Mimicking a certain brand of tequila bottle that you’ll instantly recognize, this pinata is a fun way to kick off a tequila loving person’s birthday celebrations! It comes with a green frilly wooden stick to bash it in! Filling suggestion: tiny bottles of tequila! 

Tiny Clay Tequila Cups 

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Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe how cute these things are!! Enjoy tequila the way it was meant to taste with these lovely little clay shot glasses that imitate authentic Mexican barro! 

Agave Margarita Cocktail Mixer

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Enhance their margarita drinking experience with this delectable agave margarita flavored cocktail mixer! It acts as a starter, giving you the perfect base for the perfect cocktail. Anyone who loves tequila will enjoy adding this to their bar cart! 

Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses 

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If you’re going to just turn to shots for the night, you might as well get your ions in check. Enjoy these perfectly adorable pink himalayan salt shot glasses for a natural stone touch to your barset! 

Genuine ‘Good Measure’ Cocktail Measuring Glass 

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This isn’t just any ordinary measuring glass, it’s specifically made to help you construct the perfect tequila drinks! It features 7 timeless tequila cocktail recipes for you to enjoy. 

Acacia Cocktail Rimmer 

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This wooden cocktail rimmer container is perfect for doling out delicious margaritas! It features a basin for holding on to your rimming salt, and the removable lid acts as a small cutting board and lime holder! 

Flavored Salt Rimmer

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This is a specially flavored jalapeno lime rimming salt that adds a spicy kick to your cocktails! You can also use it to add some extra spice and flavor to your favorite margaritas. 

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Tequila Tasting Set 

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Put on the perfect tequila tasting with this set that includes a small cutting board, slots for shot glasses and a place to hold your limes! Gift this to them with a few bottles of tequila that they haven’t tried yet and throw a tasting party. 

Probably Tequila Enamel Mug 

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This is one of those items that I’m honestly having trouble not picking up for myself! This hilarious little mug is the perfect way for your favorite tequila lover to show off their passion for their favorite drink. 

Mexican Jaguar Handmade Shot Glasses 

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These little shot glasses feature the legendary Mexican jarrito with a fierce face and lovely hand painted look to it! These would make the perfect addition to someone’s tequila collection. 

Thanks for checking out the best gifts for tequila lovers! These gifts are ideal for those who love to party, or take their love of tequila with them everywhere they go. Leave a comment down below and let us know how these gifts went over with your friends or loved ones! 

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