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Drinking is something that means something different to everyone who chooses to partake every once in a while. Whether you like it in a nice rocks glass, a wide bowl wine glass or even a flask, you’re making something special out of it. For those who like to take their drinks on the go somewhat discreetly, we’ve reviewed the best flasks for any occasion! 

There’s a lot more that goes into a good flask than you might have thought, and we’re going to break down some of the finer points of drinking on the go with our detailed reviews. Also, a few tips about what you should know before you buy a flask.

What is the Best Material for a Flask? 

Looking back, the most common material you’ll find a flask in is stainless steel. There’s a good reason for that, too. It provides a strong, lightweight and relatively rust proof vessel for your liquor that doesn’t usually have an effect on the taste. That being said, not all flasks are made equally, and you will sometimes find those which are produced at a subpar quality. 

The flasks we’ve included in our reviews come in a variety of materials, none of which have been purported to impact the taste of your alcohol in any way. 

What Alcohol Goes in a Flask?

Your best bet is brown liquors like rum, whiskey, and bourbon. After that, gin, cognac and brandy also make for an excellent sip from your flask. Cocktails, beer and wine never go inside of a flask, and in most cases wouldn’t taste very good after being stored in one. These lower alcohol options are subject to rapid deterioration in taste and quality as soon as they leave their original packaging. 

Any alcohol containing citrus, or even cream liquors will degrade your flask if you fill them and leave them for any amount of time. For the best results, stick with a good whiskey. 

Some Tips for Flasks & Basic Etiquette 

Using a flask can either be the most gentlemanly thing you can do, or it can totally defeat the purpose of using the specialized vessel in the first place. 

  • If outside alcohol isn’t allowed: your flask isn’t allowed either.
  • Having access to a drink so easily may tempt you to overindulge, so be aware of your limit.  
  • Use a funnel of some kind when filling, otherwise you’re going to end up with quite the expensive spill. 

How to Drink out of a Flask 

This may seem like a no brainer to some, ‘unscrew it, and tilt it back!’ Only if you want to do it in the least classiest way possible! Flasks harken back to times of prohibition and unabashed alcoholism that was rather common. Nowadays though, they’re much more of a status symbol, letting you bring your favorite liquor and spirits on the go. 

To look good enjoying your favorite dram, the key is to use an alternative drinking vessel as opposed to the screw-on spout of a stainless steel flask. (Absolutely not the way your favorite scotch distillery intended!) 

If you’ve arrived at your destination, seek out a nice tumbler or rocks glass, or even consider flasks that come with their own small glasses or cups. At the end of the day, even a camping mug can make the difference between you looking like an alcohol enjoyer, or a seedy individual.

The Best Flask for Any Occasion: Reviewed

The Best Glass Hip Flask for Whiskey

Modern Glass 240ml Flask w/ Black Silicone 

Having a glass hip flask is a lot cooler than it sounds, especially as evidenced by this piece by Ragproper. The vessel itself is made of glass, while the exterior is covered in black silicone. The contrast created by an oval shaped opening in the silicone shows off the glass interior while also letting you see how much is left! 

The silicone sleeve has a remarkably soft touch to it, giving it a secure and stable grip when standing or while in your hand. It is completely removable as well. It comes with four lids and four lid liners giving you the option of a few different materials including cork, silicone and stainless steel for sealing in your liquor. 

It’s leakproof, and perfect for adding an element of class to your flask game! 


  • Easy to grip despite being glass, keeps your spirit away from any metal if you don’t prefer to store it that way. 
  • Entirely leakproof when sealed. 
  • Comes with alternative caps and liners depending on your preferences. 

The Best Small Metal Flask

 Stanley ‘The Pre-Party’ 8oz Flask

Stanley has a great reputation overall for making beverage containers, and this small flask is absolutely no exception!

The small ‘Pre-Party’ flask as it’s called is perfect for holding a few shots worth of liquor for your drinking needs. The exterior is completely made from stainless steel, with the signature dark green color and stippling making up the body of this little flask.

The small lid isn’t the best we’ve seen, but it gets the job done. In fact, Stanley calls it their ‘never-lose’ cap, which indicates that it’s going to stand the test of time. Whether you’re pregaming or out hunting in the field, this flask is a practical and easy way to bring shots on the go! 


  • Signature Stanley Hammertone Green gives it an ‘outdoorsy’ feel.
  • Never-lose cap that stays firmly in place without leaking.
  • Perfect size for bringing shots on the go without a protruding metal flask.

Concealable Sunscreen Flask for Summer

GoPong 2 Pack Tropic Tan Bottle Style Flask 

It’s none of our business as to how you’re using these highly concealable flasks, but what you put in them is up to you! If you’re bringing liquor somewhere where a bottle is less than ideal, these incredibly realistic sunscreen bottles seriously do the trick! 

These are just about as close to real as it gets, with an included funnel and easy-pouring spout these couldn’t make for better, ‘lowkey flasks’? Whatever you call them, the tropic tan-themed bottles are the perfect cover for a good time, or just getting around a ‘glass free’ zone like a pool or beach! 

Enjoy these 8oz bottles responsibly, and don’t mistake them for your actual sunscreen! 


  • Look completely identical to real sunscreen or tanning lotion bottles. 
  • Features a funnel for easy filling as well as a convenient pouring spout in the cap.
  • 8oz Size fits comfortably in beach bags, purses and backpacks! 

Fabulous Glitter Flask for Handbags

BruMate Holographic Glitter Flask

Who said that flasks couldn’t be fabulous? BruMate makes a glitter-tastic flask complete with a rhinestone cap that might even be enough to one-up your nail game! 

This little stainless steel flask combines shimmering style and functionality that can go with you anywhere! It’s small and discrete enough to fit into the smallest handbag at a mere 5oz size. It’s the smallest flask on our list, but perfect if all you want is a couple of shots. 

The cap ensures a drip-free experience that you can count on, and the interior is design to keep your liquor crisp without giving off any kind of metallic taste. 


  • Glimmering drip-free rhinestone cap. 
  • Small 5oz size fits small handbags and purses. 
  • Classy enough for your favorite spirit, fabulous enough to match your outfit. 

Black Leather Stainless Steel Flask

Gennissy Stainless Steel American Flag Flask

This stylish flask is for the patriotic drinker, featuring an American flag relief in black leather right on the front! It has an additional leather cap which stores 3 small shot cups, too. 

It’s an 8oz flask, making it perfect as a hip flask or back-pocket flask. It has a small stainless steel lid with a grip that’s 100% leak-proof, and makes for the perfect drinking vessel when you need to add just a touch of class. Also great as a suit flask, matching most formal wear outfits and jackets. 

It also comes with a stainless steel funnel so it’s easy to fill! This flask makes a great gift for him if you’d like to upgrade his drinking gear. 


  • Black leather has a non-slip texture. 
  • Included funnel for easy filling. 
  • American flag stamped into the black leather adds a patriotic touch. 

Conclusions: Best Flask for Any Occasion 

At the end of the day, it all hinges on what you’re using it for and what your overall style is. Flasks are just one of those drinking accessories that surpass the laws of practicality, and exiset to compliment your lifestyle in a totally different way. 

Whether it’s for taking a couple of shots on a hunt, or classing up your pre-game, these flasks are perfect for whatever the occasion may hold. Let us know what you thought of these flasks, and what some of the most outlandish ones you’ve seen so far were like! 

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