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A beer stein is something that’s just as personal as it is impressive. There’s a million reasons why you might want to choose one over the other, but the fact remains that there’s a perfect beer stein for every time and place! Check out our reviews for the best beer stein mug for beer lovers below to find your new favorite piece of barware. 

What is the Best Beer Stein Mug for Beer Lovers? 

A stein is a statement piece, a decorative item and a fantastic drinking vessel all wrapped into one! These fantastic glasses go back decades and decades to a time where beer drinking was fancy-free, and more widespread. 

Fast forward to the here and now, and these steins still represent a laid-back and enjoyable symbol of drinking culture that, quite frankly, we don’t want to see go anywhere anytime soon! 

We’re going to tackle a few of the odds and ends you should be aware of before buying your first beer stein, including materials, and what to look for in a good all-around beer mug. A lot of it depends on your personal style, but in this guide we’ve included lots of different types to choose from. 

For starters, is glass or ceramic a better option for a beer stein? 

Best Material for a Beer Stein 

Most commonly you’ll find beer steins and mugs in ceramic, glass, and stainless steel. Much less common but intriguing steins can be found in wood and even ox horn! Most beer drinkers swear by glass, and for good reason! It doesn’t alter the taste of the beer, and puts its bubbly contents on full display. 

It also depends on your personal taste, as well. Beer steins are designed to show off your beer, in some capacity, but in grandiose form. They’re large, often capable of holding at least two bottles of beer, and have a variety of different finishes and embossments. 

My personal favorite is glass, but going back you’ll most often see ceramic. If you want something more traditional, ceramic is also more effective at keeping your beer colder longer. But for my money, the presentation that glass gives your brew is simply unmatched.  

What’s the Most Authentic Beer Stein? 

Speaking in terms of authenticity, ceramic or stoneware German beer steins with pewter lids are the most traditional ones you will come across. (We’ve even included one here for you to check out!) 

They’re often designed with traditional Central European, (German, Austrian and Bavarian) crests and historical motifs. These might come in the form of small flags, or even coats of arms depicted on shields. They typically have a yellowish, or tan overall color thanks to the baking process. Most impressive of all is the pewter toppers, which double as a lid. When in the closed position, one can’t help but recognize the familiar shape of a castle turret and its unique conical roof. Although, perhaps this is intentional. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into our reviews for the best beer stein mug for beer lovers of all stripes! 

Traditional German Stein With Pewter Lid 

German Coat of Arms Beer Stein 

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Ideal for the German beer lover with a lederhosen in their closet, this old school stein brings in some traditional motifs including a coat of arms and crests to emulate an authentic beer mug. 

Despite being more of a reproduction, this beer stein is very much real and practical for enjoying German, of course Bavarian beer. It’s been said that the drinking vessel can not only elevate the drinking experience, but actually affect your overall enjoyment and even the taste of the beverage. 

While not entirely true, drinking out of this thematic German beer stein is as close as you will come to an old-fashioned beer drinking experience! It has a foodsafe pewter lid and handmade ceramic surface that won’t alter the flavor of the beer you’re drinking. 


  • Lid elegantly lifts to one side while drinking, and has the added bonus of keeping things out of your mug when in the closed position. 
  • The exterior of this stein features hand-painted reliefs of traditional German motifs. 
  • It has a wide base, and the handle is incredibly comfortable to hold. 

Authentic Oktoberfest Glass Beer Stein 

1 Liter HB ‘Hofbrauhaus’ Oktoberfest Glass Beer Stein 

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Bring the Oktoberfest festivities home with this authentic mug that proudly displays the legendary Munich brewery’s logo on the front. You’ll most commonly see these at an Oktoberfest celebration.

It’s a dimpled glass mug, giving it a unique and interesting texture. While the rim around the opening is smooth and perfectly angled for drinking out of. Traditionally called a ‘Masskrug’, these are the steins of choice for drinking German beers in a respectable quantity. 


  • Heavy-duty glass beer stein with 1-liter of capacity and weighing almost 3lbs. 
  • Authentic Oktoberfest beer stein imported from Germany.
  • 8” Tall, perfect for enjoying German beers in style. 

Practical Double-Wall Insulated Beer Stein for Outdoors  

Stanley Adventure 24oz Double Wall Insulated Beer Stein 

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Everything about this beer stein screams outdoors in the most fabulous way possible! Its dark green exterior, steel opening and handle are perfect for roughing it the only way I’d ever want to; with a beer mug filled to the brim! 

This beer stein is perfect for enjoying a cold brew whether you’re at the campsite, cabin or even just a backyard bonfire. Its double-walled vacuum insulation keeps your beer crisp and cool even on the warmest summer nights and days so you don’t have to down it before you can enjoy it. 

It’s unbelievably durable, comfortable to hold and very enjoyable with every sip! 


  • Perfect beer stein for any adventurer or lover of the great outdoors with excellent durability and insulation. 
  • 24oz for holding two entire beer cans! 
  • Large grip handle for comfortable drinking and stability. 

Wooden Handmade Tavern Beer Mug 

Old-Fashioned Wood Beer Stein with Stainless Steel Interior  

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This 20oz tankard is the perfect beer mug for Dungeons and Dragons players, or really anyone who wants to feel like they’re in a fantasy world. It elevates the beer drinking experience thanks to its handmade wooden design that evokes a rustic feeling. 

The outside of this stein has a ‘barrel’ type of design, with an ornate and carved handle which is incredibly satisfying to hold. If you so choose, it’s capable of holding both hot and cold beverages. 

Surprisingly, it really is handmade! It comes from one piece of wood, giving each mug a distinct and original wood grain look. 


  • Hand-carved handle brings a traditional look and feel to this beer mug. 
  • Made from a single piece of solid Oak.
  • Stainless steel on the inside which insulates slightly and makes it easy to clean. 

Authentic Viking Horn Beer Stein 

Viking Culture Ox Horn Mug, Shot Glass and Bottle Opener 

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This viking-style mug is entirely authentic, sourced from a real oxen horn! It’s one of the smaller sized beer stein’s we’re reviewing here, but welcome all the more for its eclectic and epic look! 

The handle protrudes from the distinctive curved shape of this beer mug wrapping downwards to make for a comfortable drinking vessel. While it is made from a real ox horn, the whole thing is coated in a food grade lacquer making it perfect for beer, mead and wine! 

If the stein alone isn’t enough to make you feel like a viking, the included bottle opener and shot glass will! With this highly-giftable kit, you can enjoy drinking like a real viking whether it’s a shot of liquor, or your favorite craft beer! 


  • Made from authentic oxen horn just like a traditional viking beer mug. 
  • Includes a horn-handled bottle opener and matching shot glass with a unique drawstring bag that’s perfect for gifting to a beer lover!
  • Ethically-sourced and cruelty-free materials. 

Conclusions: Best Beer Stein Mug for Beer Lovers 

Needless to say, each of these mugs is unique enough to warrant its own place on the shelf, table or home bar. Whether you’re something of an outdoorsman, want to recreate Oktoberfest at home, or just love the unique character of a traditional stein, there’s something here for everyone. 

Each of these pieces of barware range from slightly more to less practical, if we’re being totally honest. My personal standout favorite is always going to be the Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest glass beer stein. To me, it just represents something special about German beer culture that also happens to show off your brew really well, adding a whole new dimension to your beer drinking experience. Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best beer steins!

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