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Give your home bar the upgrade it deserves with one of the best cocktail smoker kits for a home bar! We’re reviewing some of the most approachable kits for beginners and seasoned cocktail smokers alike to help bring a little more flavor and diversity to your at-home drink menu. Amatuer bartenders, get ready to smoke out your favorite drink, meats and cheese with these easy to use, all-in-one smoker kits! 

What is the Best Cocktail Smoker Kit for a Home Bar?

Smoking cocktails at home is one of the best ways to bring out a totally new flavor in your favorite drinks, whiskeys and scotches without detracting from their incredible taste profiles. In fact, thanks to the cold smoking that these tools provide, you can smoke any drink you can imagine making, ice and all! 

It even gives you the benefit of smoking small plates like cheese, charcuterie meats, olives and just about anything else you can imagine. When used properly, you can even imbue a smokey flavor on a whole rack of ribs, or a whole steak in under a minute without leaving the house!  

Different Ways to use a Cocktail Smoker 

These generally consist of a burner, typically made from either aluminum or wood, that houses wood chips suitable for smoking foods with. Once they’re heated by either butane or matches, they’ll emit a dense and incredibly flavorful smoke that can add a punch of deep flavor to just about anything! 

Smoking Foods in a Bag 

You’ll often see this with larger portions of food, or whole plates of food at a time! First, gather the food you’d like to smoke onto a plate or dish. Wrap the top of it with a plastic kitchen wrap tightly, and pierce the enclosure with the tip of your smoker’s nozzle. (It’s only recommended to use smoker ‘guns’ for this purpose).

Smoking Drinks in a Glass  

This is the most common use you’ll find for the type of smokers we’ve reviewed below. And that being said, they’re perfectly suited for the task at hand. In just seconds they’ll soak your cocktail with an incredibly flavorful blast of cool smoke that adds a completely new taste to your favorite drinks. 

To do this, all you’ve got to do is place either the chimney smoker on top of the glass, or in the case of a smoker gun, the nozzle and lid/cover on top of a drink. After that, all that’s left to do is heat the wood chips to emit smoke for somewhere around several seconds and you’ve got yourself a perfectly smoked cocktail! 

Enjoy these reviews of the best cocktail smoker kit for a home bar below! If you’re more of a traditionalist and want that ‘bartender’ feel, a chimney smoker might be your best bet. If versatility is what you’re looking for, you might be better off with a smoker gun. We feature both types of smoker, and more in these reviews! 

Homia Cocktail Smoking Gun 

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This is a ‘universal kit’ for smoking cocktails, food and any other type of beverage you could possibly dream of smoking. 

The battery-operated smoker is incredibly easy to use. It simply consists of adding wood chips to an opening on the top, switching on a small fan system, lighting the wood chips and watching as the cold smoke does its trick! 

This uses what’s known as a ‘cold smoking’ technique whereby there isn’t any heat transfer from warm smoking coming fresh off of burning chips. Instead, a small fan brings cooled smoke into your beverage through a tube. Smoking is even and self-contained inside of one of two included lids with a hose attachment. 


  • Included hose attachment and lids for smoking food and tall cocktails
  • Produces a cold smoke that won’t melt ice cubes 
  • Two different fan speed settings for different smoking options 


  • Lid will emit a fair bit of smoke when removed

Birner Pro Wood Smoke Infuser Starter Kit 

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This one comes highly recommended by me if you’re just getting into cocktail smoking! It’s a complete 11 piece kit that includes everything you need to get started and then some. It comes with a variety of wood chip flavors, as well as a hose attachment with a circular cover that sits on the top of your cocktail glass easily. 

The burning surface of this smoker is completely aluminum, as is its fan. This ensures that the wood chips will burn hot and evenly. The upside to that is fast cocktail smoking speed, meaning you won’t have to wait too long for the perfectly smoked drink. 


  • Small disk sits atop drink to keep all the smoke inside of the glass 
  • Fast heating and quick smoking 
  • All inclusive kit with everything you need to get started 


  • Since the lid sits directly on top of the glass, nothing can protrude over the rim while in use 

Cocktail Smoker Box 

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Using this smoker box, you can effectively smoke your cocktails indoors or out with ease and consistency. The small pinewood box can easily fit two glasses of whiskey, and even includes a small tray for smoking meats, cheeses and any other treats you might want to try out! 

It operates by using a small smoke infuser that connects to the box via a hose to deliver the smoke coming off of the wood chips. As a bonus, when not in use the box doesn’t look terribly out of place on your countertop or on your home bar! 

The biggest and most glaring drawback is the inability to smoke taller glasses than a tumbler, but that won’t be a problem if you’re not smoking those kinds of drinks. (or, just willing to transfer to another glass). 


  • Better countertop appeal than most smokers 
  • Seals while smoking drinks 
  • Smokes 2 whiskey glasses at once
  • Comes with an additional tray for meats and cheese 


  • Doesn’t fit tall drinks 

SmokeTop Cocktail Smoker Kit

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The SmokeTop is a small chimney drink smoker that’s ideal for any kind of drink you can set it on top of! Thankfully this keeps all of the smoke self-contained in the glass. 

It comes with a packet of their own wood chips, too! This smoker has an incredibly simple design that gets you up and running as soon as it’s out of the package. Simply place it on top of a drink, light it and allow the smoke to fill the glass.

This is the closest to a traditional smoker used by bartenders if you’re looking for something more authentic, too! Combine it with a butane torch and you’re off to the races. Or if you prefer, it’s compatible with matches as well. 


  • Traditional no-fuss design
  • Included smoking chips and filters 
  • Keeps all of the smoke inside of the glass while in use 


  • Top of the smoker becomes charred which gives it a burnt look on top 

PolyScience Breville Smoker Gun  

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This smoke infuser by Breville delivers a fast stream of cold smoke directly onto food and cocktails. By all regards this is the best all-around option, capable of smoking food and drinks easily. 

It comes with a hose and nozzle, but not a lid. While that does pose a bit of an issue, it does make it ideal for use with a cocktail shaker. For this purpose you can either cup your hand and the nozzle over the narrow lid of a shaker, or shoot some smoke into the shaker before sealing it in and blending all of the wonderful flavors together. 

I highly recommend giving the shaking method a try, it adds a whole new dimension to the cocktail and works especially well with something like an Old Fashioned. 


  • Includes smoker chips, nozzle and filter screens 
  • Perfect for smoking cocktail shakers 
  • Ideal for smoking foods


  • Does not include the lid the nozzle is designed for and necessary for smoking most foods 

Thanks for checking out these reviews of the best cocktail smoker kits for a home bar! If you’ve got any experience smoking cocktails yourself, or you don’t know where to start, leave us a comment down below and we’ll try to get back to you. Better yet, find us on instagram and tag us with your newly smoked cocktail! 

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