Cocktails with Triple Sec You Need To Try

If you are planning a gathering with some close friends or just want to mix up your next happy hour we have the cocktails for you! We’ve put together this amazing list of cocktails with triple sec in them! Margaritas, Martinis, cosmos, and so much more! The best part? We’ve included tons of cocktails with other alcohols included in them for extra boozy fun! Rum, vodka, whiskey, and more! Check out our complete list of cocktails with triple sec below.

Triple Sec 101

What exactly is triple sec? Triple sec is a colorless orange-flavored liqueur. This tasty liqueur has been around for a long time, so it’s a very common type of liqueur used in many cocktails. So how long has it been around? 1834 to be exact. Jean-Baptiste Combier and his wife Josephine invented triple sec in 1934 in their kitchen in Saumur, France. It would surprise you with how many cocktails boost this delicious orange liqueor! We make the ultimate list of triple sec cocktails to help you find the perfect cocktails to serve up this happy hour! Check them out below.

Cocktails with Triple Sec

Mix up the best cocktails this happy hour with these amazing Cocktails with Triple Sec everyone will love.

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