Delicious Maple Cocktails to Sip on All Year Round

When you think Maple you probably don’t think drinks. Your mind goes to delicious pancakes with maple syrup on top or maple flavor candies. But you would be amazed with how many drink recipes have maple added to them for an extra sweetness! Maple is often associated with fall time and typically found in more seasonal fall time and Christmas cocktails, however we’ve found some amazing tropical and totally unique ones you probably didn’t even realized had maple in them! If you want to find the perfect Maple infused cocktail for any time of year you have to check out our list below.

Sweet and Delicious Maple Cocktails

It’s truly amazing how many cocktails use maple! Maple infused liquors or just straight up maple syrup! Maple is a great alternative to simple syrups or other sugary products added to drinks. It adds the perfect sweetness flavor while also bringing some woody flavors at the same time. Often mixed with apple, pear, and other fall drinks, its surprisingly also found in tropical drinks and some sangria’s. We’ve gathered the ultimate collection of sweet and delicious Maple cocktails for your to serve and enjoy! Cheers!

Maple Cocktails

Add the perfect amount of sweetness to your next cocktail with this amazing list of Maple Cocktails.

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