From Garden to Glass: Fresh Herb Cocktails for a Unique Twist on Classic Drinks

Herbs aren’t just for cooking with anymore! Fresh herbs are always a fantastic option for garnishes on cocktails as well. We don’t just mean the classic mint, we are talking Thyme, Basil, Rosemary, and a few more that may surprise you! If you are fortunate to have a little herb garden get ready to mix them into your favorite cocktails! Herbs aren’t overly expensive so you can grab some at the store the next time you are out if you don’t have a little garden! Trust us, after you try some of these cocktails you will suddenly have a green thumb and want to have your own little herb garden! Check out our amazing collection of Fresh herb cocktails you need to try below.

Amazing Fresh Herb Cocktails

Lets talk Herbs, we have included many different cocktails that use fresh herbs like rosemary, mint, basil, and thyme. But what flavors are they really adding to your cocktail? Well Rosemary has a pine, peppery, lemony, and woodsy taste to it. So think of the endless flavors they can mix up when added on top or mixed in. Mint which is more a familiar herb adds a sweet and cooling taste to your drink. Basil is often described as a sweet and savory herb with hints or mint and pepper. Lastly Thyme is a minty, sweet, and earthy flavors. Many different cocktails can benefit from mixing these in or just garnishing on top for a little added flavor! Check our our fresh herb cocktails list below and get inspired!

Cocktails with Fresh Herbs

Add a twist to your cocktails by using fresh herbs! Check out our amazing list of fresh herb cocktails below.

More Cocktails To Try

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