Relax and Unwind with Amazing Lavender Cocktails

Lavender is known for its relaxation and health benefits, it’s been said Lavender can help reduce anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. Those reasons alone are the reason you often find Lavender in candles, essential oils, and bath products. Did you know you can add lavender to your cocktails? Lavender has been used in cooking for a long time but people often overlook it for mixing into drinks. We’ve gathered the perfect list of lavender cocktails! Check them out below.

De-stress with Lavender Cocktails

Martinis, Gin & tonic’s sangrias, and so much more! Lavender can be added to basically any cocktail recipe you enjoy. Lavender has an amazing gentle aroma that smells a little bit sweeter than flowers like roses and jasmine, but also has an earthy undertone. When it comes to taste Lavender has a sweet, floral, and slightly bitter taste which is great for mixing into drinks!  Lavender can be used in many things like teas, cookies, cake, ice cream, and often can be included without any extra calories or sugar. When it comes to finding the perfect ingredients to go with lavender consider they work best with fruits like strawberries, pears, lemon, and oranges. Honey, spices, and chocolate also work very well with lavender! Find some inspiration for amazing cocktails with lavender below.

Lavender Cocktails

Destress and relax with these amazing and unique lavender cocktails.

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