The Best Boozy Eggnog Recipes for an Awesome Alcoholic Holiday Season

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Eggnog is a hallmark of the holiday season – made even better with a boozy top up, if you’re game. Whether you’re looking for a homemade eggnog recipe, a variation on an old classic, or the best alcohol combo to create the perfect cocktail, we have an option for you! You’ll find the best boozy eggnog recipes for your palate in this list below.

Here’s the Best Boozy Eggnog Recipes For the Holidays!

Eggnog is a bonafide staple in the holiday flavor palette of millions across North America. This delicious, creamy and nostalgic tasting drink is also well known for its ability to be used in a traditional holiday punch! One of the most common Christmas themed drinks you’ll find out there is the classic rum and eggnog. There are plenty of toppings, spices, methods and measurements you can use, but everyone tends to have their own special go-to.

If you’re new to the trend, we’re going to introduce you to some of your new favorite blends of boozy eggnog. You might even be surprised of just how versatile this satisfying drink can be. It blends well with your favorite type of booze, while complimenting a number of different ingredients that can add to the festive flavor.

How to Spike Store-Bought Eggnog

Blending rum and a milky nog isn’t quite as straightforward as you might think. That being said, if you pour them together and whip them up with a coffee stirrer, we won’t exactly judge. After all, the whole point is to get into the spirit!

While there’s a bunch of methods out there you can choose, we’ve got a tried and tested approach that never ceases to satisfy your taste for a holiday favorite. Follow the instructions below for a quick and easy method for how to spike store-bought eggnog. If you’re making for a group, this is a great way to get your recipe on track.

First, chill your preferred container with cold tap water, or ice. Discard the ice and water and begin to add the eggnog. You’re going to want to end up with roughly a 5-1 ration of eggnog to spirits. After they’re together in the same container, stir generously to combine the liquor and nog.

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What do you Mix With Eggnog?

While a lot of it depends on your personal taste, brandy and rum are most people’s first choice. It’s also worth noting that cognac can also bring a lot to the table, so feel free to experiment!

Expand your holiday cocktail horizons with some of the best boozy eggnog recipes we could find!

The Best Boozy Eggnog Recipes for an Awesome Alcoholic Holiday Season

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