Crockpot Caramel Apple Cider

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This Easy Boozy Crockpot Caramel Apple Cider with Complex Flavors is sure to be a hit at all your fall gatherings. Each batch serves 12 people so it’s great for parties and get-togethers. This simple, delicious, and popular drink is going to be your new favorite fall cocktail. 

Seriously! When you sip on this warm caramel apple cider you are sure to fall in love. The flavors are utter perfection and it’s next to impossible to resist a second drink. Plus, you can make a smaller batch if you want to keep it all to yourself. There aren’t any wrong answers here!

Apple cider has always been one of my favorites. Typically, the kind I grew up on was filled with red hot candies and lots of apple flavors. For this recipe, however, we really wanted to combine the cinnamon flavors with caramel and fruit. Mmmm….it’s pretty heavenly, but I will let you figure that out for yourself. 

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Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • It’s incredibly easy.
  • Everyone loves the way it tastes. 
  • Your house is going to smell heavenly as it simmers in the crockpot.
  • It only takes a few minutes to prep and the slow cooker does the rest of the work.
  • You can make adjustments to the spices and fruits to adjust the flavors as desired. 

Ingredients Needed:

Honestly, these ingredients are pretty simple and you most likely have many of them around. Let’s take a look at what you will be needing. 

  • Apple Juice – Any variety of apple juice will work perfectly, but I prefer to stick with unfiltered and organic juice whenever possible. 
  • Cinnamon – I like to use a combination of cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon. It gives you plenty of spicy flavor in each sip. 
  • Nutmeg – A little bit of ground nutmeg takes it to a whole new level. 
  • Whole Allspice & Cloves – Using both whole allspice and whole cloves is the ultimate way to give you lots of autumn flavors. 
  • Brown Sugar – You can make it a little sweeter if you want. So anywhere between ¼ – ½ cup will work beautifully. Just taste it and see what you like best. 
  • Water – A little bit of water will help the flavors not become too overpowering. You can add more if necessary to taste the way you want. 
  • Fruit – You’ll need a variety of orange slices and apple slices. I like to use different types so it adds to the color and vibrance of the drink. 
  • Brandy – To make it a boozy drink you will need some brandy. Want it to be non-alcoholic? No problem, omit the brandy!
  • Orange Slice – Add an orange slices to the crockpot to serve as a garnish. 
  • Whipped Cream – I love adding whipped cream because it looks like a gourmet drink. 
  • Caramel Sauce – Any caramel sauce will do and it looks gorgeous. Plus, it tastes even better. 

How To Make Easy Boozy Crockpot Caramel Apple Cider

Okay, now we are getting somewhere! I’m sure you are pretty much drooling right now, so let’s get busy so you can enjoy a warm drink soon. 

1. Mix the apple juice, ground cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, water, and brown sugar in a slow cooker. Give it a quick stir to make sure it’s well combined. 

2. Add in the orange slices and apples then stir again. Give it a quick taste and add more brown sugar if desired. 

3. Place the lid on the crockpot and cook for 6-8 hours on low. Or if you are in a hurry, cook for 2 hours on high. 

PRO-TIP: Make sure to stir every 1-2 hours to maximize the flavors. 

4. Once done cooking strain with a fine mesh strainer and pour it into a jug or bowl. You can also pour the strained cider in the crockpot. Add in the brandy and fresh oranges for a garnish. 

5. Fill the cup with apple cider and top with whipped cream and caramel sauce. Enjoy!

Crockpot Caramel Apple Cider FAQs

Can You Heat Up Cold Apple Cider?

Yep! You can reheat the apple cider by adding it back to the slow cooker for 1-2 hours or until it’s warm. You can also warm it in a saucepan until it reaches the desired temperature. Another option is to heat it in the microwave. 

Is It Okay To Add Honey?

Sure, if you would like the flavor of honey, you can go ahead and mix in 1 tablespoon. You may need to cut back on the brown sugar a little bit if you add honey. 

What Kind Of Apples Should I Use?

I highly recommend using sweet apples. They will give you lots of yummy sweetness and it’s going to turn out better. Stick with Fuji, Gala, or Honeycrisp. 

Do I Have To Strain The Apple Cider?

Yes, it’s necessary to strain the apple cider because of the chunks of allspice and cloves. Plus, it looks nicer when you add fresh fruit as the garnish and dispose of the cooked fruit. 

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Easy Boozy Crockpot Caramel Apple Cider

Easy Boozy Crockpot Caramel Apple Cider

Yield: 12
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours 15 minutes

This Easy Boozy Crockpot Caramel Apple Cider with Complex Flavors is sure to be a hit at all your fall gatherings. Each batch serves 12 people so it’s great for parties and get-togethers. This simple, delicious, and popular drink is going to be your new favorite fall cocktail.


  • 8 cups Apple Juice
  • 4 sticks Cinnamon
  • 0.5 Tbsp ground Cinnamon
  • 0.5 Tsp ground Nutmeg
  • 1 Tsp whole Allspice
  • 1 Tsp whole Cloves
  • 1/4-1/2 cup Brown Sugar
  • 1 cup Water
  • 2 Oranges of different types, sliced in rounds
  • 2 Apples of different types, seeded and cut in eights
  • 1 Orange for garnish (optional)
  • 1 cup brandy (optional)
  • Whipped Cream
  • Caramel Sauce


    1. Combine apple juice, cinnamon sticks, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, whole cloves, whole allspice, 1/4 cup brown sugar and water in a crock pot. Stir to combine.
    2. Add two sliced oranges, two apples in eighths and stir again.
    3. Taste for sugar levels and add additional brown sugar to taste.
    4. Cover crock pot and cook on low for six to eight hours, or high for 2 hours. Stir every one to two hours, if possible, to maximize the flavor.
    5. To serve, strain through a fine mesh strainer into a jug or bowl for easy pouring. Some spices and cloves will make it through, that's ok. Optionally, return apple cider to rinsed crock pot.
    6. Mix in (optional) cup of brandy.
    7. Top with fresh oranges for garnish. For individual servings, top with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel.


Organic, unfiltered style apple juice is better.
Slice the oranges in rounds so that they have more surface area to seep flavor into the apple cider, and the same for the apples.

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