Basil Cocktails: Elevate Your Happy Hour with Fresh Flavors

It’s time to elevate your cocktail game at Happy hour with amazing Basil Cocktails! Basil infused liquor, basil syrups, and of course fresh basil as garnish. We’ve gathered the most amazing collection of cocktails that all have basil in them! No need to save basil just for cooking, it’s time to explore the endless possibilities you can do with basil with cocktails. Check out our impressive list of delicious and refreshing cocktails below.

Refreshing Basil Cocktails

If you’ve ever grown Basil you know it spreads like a weed! Which is good news, especially when you realize you can use it for more than just cooking. You can use it in many cocktails! Infused into a syrup, liquor, or just as a fresh garnish on top to add a little flavor! Some basil fun facts: Basil has been cultivated for over 5000 years and surprisinly can reach an impressive 10 feet tall. Basil is originally from Asia and Africa but now can be found pretty much all over the world. If you haven’t grown your own basil now is the time! Grab a pot and have a little herb garden in your kitchen, it has such a nice aroma and works in many meals and obviously cocktails!

Cocktails That Use Basil

More Cocktails You Need To Try

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