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Experiencing serious jealousy from a friend or partner who’s sudsing it up with a frosty cold beer in the shower? This trend has taken shower stalls everywhere from college dorm rooms to en suites BY STORM. Only problem is, us wine drinkers are severely underrepresented in the viral shower booze phenomenon. Thankfully, these will give you something to raise a glass to! Check out the best shower wine glass holder to enjoy the (least, most?) classy wine you’ve ever tasted! 

Reviewing the Best Shower Wine Glass Holder 

These ingenious wine glass holders aren’t just practical, they’re what separates the average wine drinkers from the most sophisticated wine enjoyers. Seriously, ask anyone who’s tried one! 

Below we’re going to thoroughly review some of the most popular shower wine glass holders, as well as cover a few of the basic things you should know before you buy. Just two things to note: no snobs allowed, and don’t get shampoo in the rosé! 

It kind of makes you wonder though, what is the best wine for drinking in the shower? 

The Best Wine for Drinking in the Shower 

Port and Madeira are two wines that don’t mind a little temperature fluctuation, but you can’t go wrong with a chilled white either. As with drinking wine in the hot tub, you should start with whether you want something warm or cold, and go from there. But seriously, Rosé gets the job done, too! 

What Kind of Glass Should I use?

It’s a peculiar enough topic to cover, but basically we’re reverting to the pools & beaches here. Although there’s nothing stopping you from using your favorite stemware, stay away from glass! Cleaning up broken glass from a shower stall? That kind of defeats the whole purpose of relaxing in the shower with a glass of wine, doesn’t it? 

Things get slippery enough with all of the suds and water, so it’s advisable to use shatterproof wine glasses such as tritan or plastic to avoid a regrettable and potentially dangerous incident from going down. Our review of pool-party approved shatterproof wine glasses is a great place to find some inspiration! 

This is definitely a ‘Murphy’s Law’ situation. If there’s any possibility of a wine glass falling, it’s probably going to try and find a way to at some point or another. Do yourself a favor and avoid the cleanup with an unbreakable wine glass!  

Find the best wine glass holder for the shower with our reviews for some of the best models below. 

30 Watt Silicone Wine Glass Holder for Showers

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With a similar overall design philosophy to the popular Sudski line for shower beer holders also produced by this line, the Sipski promises a strong hold for your super-sippable wine. Does the product quality and hold carry over, though? 

Thankfully it does use the same reliable ‘patented grip technology’. (It doesn’t tend to fall down!) Miraculously, it does so without using adhesive or suction cups, too. The film on the back of the silicone wine glass holder is capable of being reapplied anywhere in your shower as long as you wait the recommended 24 hours before using! 

The deep plastic bowl with a wine glass stem insert perfectly nestles most standard sized wine glasses. 


  • Trendy marbled-silicone look that looks nice in the shower 
  • Placeable without adhesive or suction cups 
  • Secure, deep wine glass holder 


  • Must wait 24 hours before use on shiny surfaces only

Shower and Bath Wine Glass Holder 

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This suction cup wine glass holder by Five O’ Clock Goods uses a more minimalist, yet stable wine glass holder surface. Like the previous model it’s got to be mounted on a totally smooth, ‘shiny’ surface that doesn’t have any grooves or grout lines that intersect with the suction cups. 

If your shower fits the bill, this is a great little wine holder that’s more a marriage of style and function. The lacquer wood is just luxurious enough to blend in with your other shower accessories, while the stainless steel subtly supports your favorite wine glass.  

This nifty little thing gives ‘hold my wine’ a whole new meaning, and it even comes with its own shatterproof glass! 


  • Included shatterproof wine glass 
  • Secure suction cup hold 
  • Chic lacquered wood and stainless steel look 


  • Less ideal for tile with lots of grout lines 

Quidaoso Wine Glass Holder for the Shower or Bathroom 

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This clever little wine holder is for the household that doesn’t want to have to choose between a wine holder or beer caddy for tactical shower drinking! Capable of holding as much as 8 pounds, this little wine glass holder is a sturdy way to hold beer cans and wine glasses while you’re enjoying a nice hot shower. 

Much like the 30 Watt model, this one has an acrylic adhesive that tightly bonds to a shiny surface on your shower. After 24 hours, you’re good to go! It gets its strength from an inner plastic reinforced bracket underneath the silicone. It’s non-slip, and has a spot for the stem to slot in nicely. 


  • Supports a decent amount of weight for added safety 
  • Doesn’t have to reply on suction cups 
  • Silicone is easier to keep clean 


  • Upgraded model featuring support chain for holding an entire wine bottle isn’t included with the base model 

Sip Caddy Shower Beer and Wine Holder 

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The Sip Caddy is just about as straightforward as it gets. Enjoy the ability to toast to yourself in the shower with a wine glass holder that’s low-key enough to not mess up the bathroom look you’re going for. 

This plastic wine glass and shower beer holder affixes to glass, ceramic and glazed tile nicely with a tight hold that can apparently hold up to 7 pounds. Also, when you’re not using it for a brew or wine, it’s excellent at holding a shampoo bottle, towel or scrubby! 

Surprisingly, this thing holds up exceptionally well to accidental knocks and brushes when installed in the shower properly. 


  • Sturdy suction cup that holds more weight than most 
  • Ideal for beer cans and wine glasses 
  • Clear plastic for seamless use with your bathroom design 


  • Plastic doesn’t provide the same ‘non-slip’ grip as silicone ones do 

Syidinzn Wine Glass Shower Caddy 

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Keeping with the simplicity theme, this ‘wine organizer?’ really does the trick, especially if you want your shower to look a little less like the one in your frat house or sorority did. 

The whole thing is made from a durable ABS plastic that’s both easy to clean and also a little more durable than most! It nestles the wine glass nicely and even offers a more secure option if desired. This suction cup can be combined easily with super glue for a much more permanent hold, just be sure you’re confident about where it’s going first! 

The ‘hook’ design easily holds onto most wine glasses, but you’re going to have the best luck using one with a standard sized bowl and stem. It’s not compatible with stemless wine glasses, though. 


  • Modern design with a less noticeable suction cup and caddy 
  • Holds on to a wider range of wine glasses 
  • Option to use super glue in conjunction with suction cup for a permanent hold 


  • Wine glass could be dislodged from being knocked on the bottom 

Conclusions: The Best Shower Wine Glass Holder 

It’s more than just a beer drinker’s world out there, and these shower wine glass holders are the evidence. Take your wine drinking to the next level, and create a new shower routine that puts your old schedule to shame! 

Here wine o’ clock doesn’t have to go down to the kitchen island, instead you can enjoy it under the luscious bubbles and scents of your very own shower! Each of these holders has a unique functionality, including mounting options for a variety of different solutions. 

That being said, check out your shower surface and consider whether you want a temporary, or slightly more permanent wine glass holder before deciding which one will do the trick! 

Make sure you find the right one for your shower stall before making a purchase, and thanks for stopping by!

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