The Best Cocktail Glasses 

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There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to enjoy your favorite cocktail! These wonderful pieces will elevate your home bar or kitchen cupboard, while giving you the best cocktail drinking experience possible. These are the best cocktail glasses, reviewed for your shopping pleasure so you can tuck in, and sip your favorites in style. 

These cocktail glasses are incredibly functional, and wonderfully eye catching! They’ll grace whatever area you store them in, while making your guests feel wholeheartedly entertained. Toast to these exquisite cocktail glasses to step up your amatuer bartender game! 

What Makes a Good Cocktail Glass?

A good cocktail glass has a nice presentation, feels sturdy and suits the drink you’re preparing well. There’s a lot more to it than you may have thought! Inferior glasses often have visible seams from production, or more of a ‘molded’ as opposed to ‘etched’ quality to them. The worst thing you could do is waste good cocktail ingredients on a glass you’d rather not drink out of!

Everyone knows a good glass, they’ve got a certain crystal-like appearance, and subtle weight to them. The ones we’re going to look at are some of the best cocktail glasses available.  

What’s the Best Type of Cocktail Glass? 

It mostly depends on what kind of drink you’re trying to make! Cocktail recipes call for specific glasses for a reason. Their unique shapes, and styles give different cocktails a level of presentation you just can’t expect out of a standard glass cup, or mug. These elevate your experience, and make for a better and more enjoyable drink all around. It turns out there really is something to be said for the type of glass you reach for, and how it affects the taste of your drink! 

The best type of cocktail glass combines the style you enjoy the most, with the right shape to serve your favorite cocktails! For the best results, consult a mixology guide to find out what the best combination of glass and drink are. 

A nice cocktail glass should show off the drink you’re proud to create, while inviting your guests to enjoy it! You could make one of the best cocktails in the world, only to serve it in a juice glass to little fanfare. What some cocktails lack in color or spectacle, they make up for in taste.

The Best Glasses for Cocktails: Reviewed 

Could you imagine how impressive a martini or cosmopolitan would look in a regular drinking glass? A bit like still water or juice mix. A nice cocktail glass does your drink justice, and celebrates the ingredients and recipe that makes it so special! 

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Luminarc Craft Coupe Martini Glass 

These are a more modern spin on a classic drinking vessel you’ll see in some of your favorite movies and shows! This is a coupe martini glass, ideal for serving cocktails up! That of course means chilled in the shaker, either shaken or stirred, before being dispensed into the glass.

Classic cocktails make this glass their home, those include martinis, and one of my personal favorites: sidecars! The stem keeps your fingers away from the outside of the vessel, where they’re liable to warm your drink before you’re finished drinking it. Variety is important, and these coupe martini glasses add a sexy touch to your growing home bar collection! 

Handcrafted Copper Moscow Mule Mug

Based on the original design, these mugs are 100% copper. Don’t worry though, this totally food-safe production method ensures a smooth and refreshing taste! The copper body of these cocktail vessels keep your drink colder, too. These mugs are hand-hammered, including a large brass handle for a novel and enjoyable drinking experience.

These are sure to get a good reaction from your guests! It is of course, the classic mug for serving the legendary Moscow Mule cocktail in. That being said, there are other fun concoctions you can make with them too. Copper straws, and even a shot glass are included to complete your set! 

Professional Crystal Mixing Glass 

The best cocktail glasses you use aren’t just limited to the ones you drink out of! It’s important to have the right tools for the job, and that’s where this mixing glass comes in. It’s a very high quality piece, used in professional bartending for its appearance, weighted solid glass bottom and expertly crafted spout! We recommend this mixing glass for the charm and functionality it brings to your home bar, so you don’t always need to reach for a shaker, or worse yet, the old coffee spoon! It features a stirrer, as well. 

Octopus Martini Glass 

These glasses are an excellent example of how to turn some heads with your home cocktail glasses! You just knew there’s that one piece that would make you do a second take.

These are functionally a classic martini glass, although there’s quite the twist when it comes to the stem. The straight solid stem is replaced with a series of squiggly octopus tentacles, which come together to act as a base on the bottom, as well! For a halloween, or nautical and seafaring themed cocktail party, these glasses are just the ticket! It’s good to have something you can rely on to really woo your guests and get a few laughs. These are perfect for making your favorite colorful cocktails for some killer instagram posts. 

Bormioli Rocco Tulip Pina Colada Glass 

What’s awesome about these tall and unique cocktail glasses is the versatility you can get out of them! They showcase the dink front and center. Their large fluted openings, and rounded bottoms almost resemble the tulip flower, where they get their nickname! So just what are these beauties made for?

Well, you’ll most commonly see them housing everyone’s favorite sweet, creamy caribbean cocktail: the pina colada! They’ve got plenty of room for large pieces of pineapple, straws and delicious cocktails. If you’re looking for an all around best cocktail glass, this is our top recommendation! That’s because it’s also suitable for most beers, highballs, mixed drinks and of course shirley temples for the rest of the family! 

Heavy Base Highball Glass 

This is a classic staple for any bar, big or small! These heavy bottom glasses are sometimes known as the ‘tom collins glass’, for the drink traditionally served in it. Nowadays, you’re just as likely to find a whiskey and soda mixed into one as the classic gin and soda water concoction.

This glass is compatible with a huge range of drinks. It makes a great glass for highballs, mixed drinks and home made creations alike! You can even enjoy a breezy bellini, Italian style! We recommend this glass for its solid construction, and downright enjoyability. 

Classic Rocks Glass Whiskey Tumbler 

Lowball cocktails sing their best in this classic home-bar essential! The slightly weighted, always enjoyable whiskey tumbler is a great staple to start off your drinking glass cupboard! These are great for a lot of well-loved spirits! You can sip scotch, swirl bourbon, splash gin, and nurse brandy with these lovely, classic art-deco styles that will, well… never go out of style! Impress your friends by handing them one of these with a swirl of whiskey and a big icecube! 

Stemless Martini Cocktail Glasses 

These embody everything you love about your favorite martini glasses, except they’re totally stemless! They feature a solid, slightly heavy base that stands up well on the table, and is less prone to getting knocked on its side! It’s perfectly good for a good old classic marini, or manhattan.

The one and only downside is the lack of stem means you might find yourself warming your drink a little if you hold it too long. For that reason, we’d recommend these martini glasses best for drinking martinis at a table, as opposed to holding and standing! These laid back martini glasses are incredibly functional, a little weighted and forever classy! 

Speciality Cocktail Glass Nick & Nora Style

Gracing the shelves of just about any half decent homegoods store, the Riedel company makes these lovely little cocktail glasses that are perfect for some of your favorite cocktails, with a functional and innovative twist! This precision crafted glass is specifically designed to deliver your favorite right into your mid-palate. In doing so, it avoids the clumsy and often unflattering act of tilting your head back to empty the glass. Enjoy this two piece set, for the perfect couples cocktail glasses! 

Hopefully these recommendations for the best cocktail glasses have inspired your next investment into your home bar! Your guests are more than worth splurging for, and that being said, these pieces are far from indulgent.

They’re all affordable, especially considering their quality and unique design. Enjoy these with good company, they’ll keep your night going in good spirit! Thanks for stopping by! For more excellent wine, cocktail and drinking related reviews and takes, check out (@aspiringwinos) on Instagram! 

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