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Summer is upon us, and that means delicious and crisp lemonade to ward off the heat, and serve as a sweet treat any time of day! Nothing beats cooling off with an iced drink, but what about when you want to crank it up a notch? Look y’all, yard work is just more enjoyable with a drink drink, ya know? If you’re looking for the best spiked lemonade recipes to get you on your feet, or even kick back once all the work is through, we’ve totally got you covered. 

Need to Cool Down? Check out the Best Spiked Lemonade Recipes for Summer! 

Kick it sweet and spiked with a boozy grown-up lemonade that brings together your fondest memories from the fair, and the crisp and relaxing taste of your favorite spirits. We’ll delve into a whole host of delicious lemonade-inspired drink recipes to fuel your summer with the ideal mix of sour, sweet and punchy. Porch, patio, or campgrounds, these cocktails are going to help you really make a statement this summer. 

These spiked lemonade cocktails start with an incredibly refreshing juice base, and you can control just how simple they are! Opt for store-bought lemonade, or whip up a batch of freshly-squeezed lemonade for a change of pace. Either way, these crisp lemonade recipes will be a total showstopper on the deck this summer.  

What’s the Best Way to Serve Lemonade Cocktails?

First things first, presentation is everything with these tall, iced beauties. You’ll want to start with what you’re serving them on. Trays and platters are going to be your best friend here. Now, is it totally necessary? Absolutely not, but we’re going for two things here people. 1. Instagram, and 2. Patio clout. Keep your evey on the prize, and we’ll make you the entertaining star of the summer! Jokes aside, did you know the vessel and presentation directly influence how enjoyable a drink can be

Now that you’ve got a general idea in mind, let’s talk about what you’ll serve the drinks themselves in. Here I’m going to have to recommend a real classic when it comes to refreshing juice-based cocktails over ice. The Collins glass is a must for this job. It provides the perfect body for serving iced cocktails like these. After using your favorite cocktail shaker for the job, dispense the lemonades over large ice cubes, which have chilled the glass for a few minutes. Alternatively, serve the glasses and ice alongside a pitcher for maximum effect. And for garnishes, choose something that will compliment your recipe well. However, if you want some inspiration to get you started, I’d keep it fairly simple. A lemon slice with each glass, followed by something green and subtle like a mint leaf, or even rosemary!  

Best Spiked Lemonade Recipes

With a combination of lemonade, cinnamon, grapefruit and other flavors,
this lemonade punch is perfect for spring of summer. Just add a touch of vodka
to the drink for an extra kick.

Now that you’re all set for making some spiked lemonade recipes of your own, check out some of our favorites down below, and don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know how they stack up! 

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