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When it comes to blogging, there are oh-so-many things to know. With the pace the internet changes, there’s always something new. The course I’m about to discuss is not what you’d expect, but it is a game-changing course for food bloggers.

The Game-Changing Course for Food Bloggers

Are you ready to know how to start a food blog? If so, we have everything you need to get started right here! 

How to Start a Food Blog (Nope!)

It has absolutely nothing to do with the online details of how to start a food blog, nor the myriad things you need to do to be a “successful” blogger. There are no Bluehost links in sight (seriously, do not use Bluehost, it’s recommended all the time because they pay the highest commission to people for getting you to sign up).

All The Best Food Photography Tips (Nope!)

This course will help you with food photography, but is not a food photography course.

I am probably not the only person out there who struggles to get their pictures to look like they want them to, despite having taken a food photography class! Taking and editing excellent food photos is a learned skill and practice is key.

Having the Best Recipes (Nope!)

You don’t even have to be a master chef to be a food blogger. In fact, you don’t even have to do all the cooking. This course will help you pick the recipes people will love, but it will also teach you how to work smarter and not harder. Because lord knows running a blog is a lot of work in itself. 

What You Can Learn In This Game-Changing Course for Food Bloggeres

Okay, you’re probably getting about ready to skim this article, wondering what the real answer is: It’s Rouxbe Online Cooking School.


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