Cotton Candy Cocktails: A Colorful Twist on Classic Recipes

Did you know you can garnish and mix cotton candy into drinks to make them even better? Well now you do! We are talking Cotton Candy infused Martinis, flavored drinks, and cocktails with cotton candy as garnish for an extra sweet treat. We’ve gathered the most amazing collection of Cotton Candy Cocktails for you to serve up at your next get together.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Cotton Candy Cocktails

Is there anything better than fluffy cotton candy? It instantly reminds us of our childhoods when we hit up the local fair or carnival. Now as adults you can enjoy this sweet fluffy treat in a boozy cocktail! You can purchase premade cotton candy, grab some at the fair, or even make some if you are lucky enough to have the machine! Don’t be afraid to try a few different flavors into these cocktails and don’t skimp! All of these drinks listed below not only taste good but they look good and would look fantastic at a themed party, wedding, or even just a fun afternoon backyard party!

Cotton Candy Cocktails

Add a little treat to your next cocktail with these Cotton Candy Cocktails!

More Colorful Cocktails To Try Today

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