Violet Cocktail Recipes

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Don’t let the calming hue of these enchanting violet colored cocktails fool you. They’ll still be the life of the party! If you;re throwing a purple/violet themed party or get together, (or you just want to switch things up a bit!) Try out some of these cocktails to see how your group will like them! That’s not to say that you can’t just enjoy them at your own leisure, too. These are easily a go-to for my next personal spa evening, since they evoke a luscious lavender aroma and body. We’ll break into what goes into a violet cocktail recipe, as well as different serving suggestions and when you might want to put them out! 

The Spring Cocktail Nobody Saw Coming: Violet Cocktail Recipes To Try!

Give these bright and floral-colored drinks a spin for a new twist on some of your favorite spirits. Here we’re going to feature some cocktails that you can enjoy any time of year, and vary in their ingredients, flavors, and level of complexity. New and seasoned amatuer home mixologists will find themselves comfortable with this approachable list of delectable cocktails. So, when’s the best time to serve up one of these luxe looking glasses of joy?

When you Should Serve Violet Cocktails 

You just can’t deny the correlation between the color violet and flowers. That’s why I’d have to say these would make a fantastic addition to your springtime cocktail roundup! The color is just as enchanting as the flowers that blossom and give way to summer. Imbue your cocktail with some luscious character and floral decorations by using flowers as garnishes for your drinks. 

The other obvious but nevertheless enthralling option is to whip these up for a purple or violet themed occasion! Match the color to your decorations and really get your guests talking. Gin and tequila feature prominently in these lovely drinks. Needless to say, they’re best paired with white liquor that can better accommodate the color of the mix, and allow for a more varied palette.   

What are the Best Glasses for Serving These Cocktails in?

Personally I’d suggest something a lot like a coupe or gimlet glass. These wide-rimmed, stemmed glasses provide the perfect vessel to showcase these gorgeous cocktails. The color is the showstopper, and the wide mouth design allows the aroma to come together with the visual to create a cocktail you can really experience with each sip. The stem just makes it all that much more exclusive. 

Check out a few of these violet cocktail recipes below and let us know which ones you’re going to try for yourself!

Violet Cocktail Recipes

Well, there you have it: eleven violet cocktails, ready for a night on the town. Whether you’re looking for something vibrant and a little wild (Sweet Tarts, anyone?) or something elegant and posh (looking at you, Aviation), put on your “Raspberry Beret” and mix yourself a drink from one of these recipes.

What do you think of when you think of the color violet? Rainbows, tiny flowers, maybe Prince? Just like Prince was irresistible, so are these purple-shaded cocktails. From the simple to the clever, the easy to the complex, which one of these cocktails caught your fancy? Thanks for checking out these recipes! Check back in for themed cocktails, as well as flavor combinations and recipe inspiration that will help you create the perfect drinks.

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