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You don’t have to wait until New Year’s to pop open a bottle of bubbly. In fact, these champagne cocktails can be enjoyed at anytime of the year. From a morning mimosa to celebrating a new job, these cocktails are sure to make your life full of fun! 

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10 Reasons to Drink a Champagne Cocktail

No matter who you are, you should never be without a good bottle of bubbly. You never know when you are going to need a mimosa before the day even starts or to celebrate a new relationship, job, or achievement. So, if you aren’t sure why you need these champagne cocktails, here are 10 reasons why:

You and your significant other are doing a date night

If you need to stick to a budget and do date night at home, pull out the bubbly and whip up a cocktail. 

Impromptu Girls night

Some days just suck, and that’s why we have our girls. When you have one of those days, invite the girls over for a bubbly cocktail. 

You need to treat yourself

Seriously, life is stressful and every now and then, you need to treat yourself to some fine bubbly. 

Family get togethers

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get through a family function without a glass of something. Champagne cocktails are classy and don’t scream, “I’m self medicating with alcohol.”

You crushed your to-do list

You accomplished exactly what you needed to and it’s time to celebrate. So, pull out that bubbly and make a cocktail. 

It’s New Year’s

Come on! You cannot bring in the New year without a cheers of bubbly. 

It’s your birthday

Ok, maybe you want some Jello shots, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some bubbly too. 

You got a new job

With so many people going to college and having the same credentials you do, it is a celebratory achievement when you land a new job. 

Someone is getting married

Whether it’s you or not doesn’t really matter. Engagements mean champagne time, and champagne cocktails are always classy at the wedding. 

You had a hard day

A nice champagne cocktail can calm your nerves and take you to a place of serenity. If you had a bad day, its the perfect time to open a bottle of bubbly. 

Champagne Cocktails to Enjoy Every Season

There’s just SOMETHING about the effervescence of champagne. The fizzy, bubbly, and crisp beverage is perfect for a party, brunch, or for that celebratory event in your life. Blending perfectly with fruity and spicy flavors, champagne cocktails are some of the best...any time of year!

Champagne is super versatile for all kinds of cocktail recipes. Colder months, warmer months, brunches, or celebrations - you can drink it at anytime in so many ways. How do you like your champagne?

Other Cocktails to Try

If you like wine instead, try some of our Delicious Prosecco Cocktails, or our sophisticated Red White and Blue Rose Wine Spritz. 

Also, make sure you have the right foods for your cocktails. Check out our Brunch Recipes to Serve at a Mimosa Party for ideas. 

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 Champagne Cocktails to Enjoy Every Season | Champagne Mimosas | Best Champagne Cocktails | Bubbly Alcoholic Drinks | Classy Cocktails #bubbly #champagne #cocktails #mimosa

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