Check out these Ginger Cocktails for a Refreshing Twist

Thinking of adding a little twist to your next cocktail party? How about some amazing cocktails with ginger added to them! Ginger adds a wonderful spicy and semi sweet citrus blast to cocktails when used with the right ingredients! It also naturally gentle on your stomach! Now, we aren’t saying go crazy and wild just because ginger aids with nausea and stomach issues, we simple mean it has some fantastic health benefits so you can feel good about using it! It’s impressive how many cocktails use ginger in them, Moscow mules, sangria’s, and some really neat original cocktails you may have never even tried before! Check them out below.

Delicious Ginger Cocktails

So what’s so great about Ginger? Well for once, the taste is very distinctive. Ginger tastes like Peppery, spicy, with a touch of sweetness with citrus notes. Not only does ginger add a lot of flavor to cocktails it also has many health benefits! Its known to treat nausea, aid in weight loss, help with osteoarthritis, and may even help lower blood sugar levels! With so many benefits you need to add ginger to your next shopping list and throw it into your cocktails!

Cocktails with Ginger

Add a twist to your next happy hour with these amazing ginger cocktails! The perfect touch of spice and sweetness!

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