Jalapeno Cocktails: Spice up your Next Happy Hour

Looking to spice up your next Happy Hour? How about some spicy Jalapenos! Cocktails infused with jalapeno alcohol and those garnished to add some extra heat. We’ve gathered the most amazing list of Jalapeno cocktails that are sure to turn up the heat at your next happy hour or get together. Find some spicy inspiration below!

Spice it up with Jalapeno Cocktails

So what exactly are Jalapenos? Well they are a type of chili pepper that are typically mild to moderate heat levels. On the Scoville scale they register between 2,500 and 8,000 depending on the pepper, so spicy enough to bring the heat but not too much that you will be sweating and chugging milk after. Jalapenos can be used to make anything from salsa, chili, dips, and even cocktails of course. Little fun fact: if you let them stay on the plant longer they eventually turn red! Something we discovered growing them for the first time. These amazing peppers are a must add to some cocktails, we’ve put together one amazing list so check it out and get shaking those cocktails!

Cocktails with Jalapenos

Add some heat to your next get together with these amazing Jalapeno Cocktails that are sure to bring the spice!

More Cocktails To Try Next Happy Hour

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