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What do you give a wine lover when you’re on a budget? Sometimes a bottle is out of the question, especially if they prefer more expensive varieties. Here’s the best inexpensive gifts for wine lovers to give you some inspiration.

Best Inexpensive Gifts for Wine Lovers

All of these gifts were chosen to work well on a budget, but also as something you can give to most wine lovers that they don’t already have. You can gift them on their own, or combine a few inexpensive gifts for a gift basket for wine lovers. Or pair them with a bottle of wine, of course!

Most of these inexpensive gifts for wine lovers cost $25 or less!

Crystal Wine Aerator

Crystal Handmade Broad Base Glass Pitcher

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Aerating wine is important if you want to bring out the best flavour. Wine lovers who buy more expensive bottles of red wine will especially want to let it aerate before enjoying. Not only does this get the job done, it also looks beautiful on the table for serving.

Just Add Wine Bath Bomb Set

Self-care stress relief gift, relax gift box, spa bath bomb set
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This is a great inexpensive gift for wine lovers who live far away. You can have it shipped right to them! It’s a set of three bath salts for a relaxing soak – they just have to add some wine.

Bath Wine Holder

Best Inexpensive Gifts for Wine Lovers Silicone Wine Glass Holder for Bath and Shower

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To go with the bath salts, get them a bath wine holder. It clings to any flat surface without suction cups or damaging adhesive. Just make sure it’s on well or else you could end up with a disaster (or they could use an unbreakable wine glass just to be safe). 

Sommelier’s Cookbook

The Sommelier's Cookbook Recipes and Wine Pairings for Discerning Palates

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The best inexpensive gifts for wine lovers are the ones that pair well with the wine they already have. This book is filled with 75 wine pairing recipes and even includes suggested menus and cheese board ideas.

Wine Tags

set of eight Wine Glass Tags in Hexagon Shape

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Wine tags are small, inexpensive gifts that are great for anyone who loves wine and entertains. Even if they already have a set it’s always nice to have extras. These ones are really unique and classy.

Drink Some Wine Candle

white candle in jar that says You're probably dehydrated, drink some wine
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Look, you’re not really going to hydrate yourself by drinking wine, but it’s a funny sentiment. You can choose whatever scent and size you want for a personalized touch.

Wine Chiller Stick

Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Cooler Stick

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This stick is designed to be chilled so you can keep a bottle of wine chilled for up to an hour. It’s great if you’re drinking whites and don’t want to go back and forth to the fridge for refills.

Electric Corkscrew

Wine Opener Electric Gift Set

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Traditional corkscrews are great but the electric ones are life changing, especially if you drink a lot of wine. This is also a great gift for someone who has mobility issues. It also comes with a foil cutter, a wine pourer, and some stainless steel ice cubes all packaged together in a nice gift box.

Wine Enamel Pin Set

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Enamel pins are in style right now and they also make great inexpensive gifts for wine lovers. This one has a saying that makes it perfect for gifting to friends!

Engraved Cheese Board

Personalized/Engraved Wine & Cheese Charcuterie Board
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This cheese board is one of a kind if you opt to have it engraved. While it could run a little higher with shipping, it would be a nice, yet still inexpensive wedding or anniversary gift idea.

Drop it Wine Drops

Wine Drops That Naturally Reduce Both Wine Sulfites and Tannins

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If your gift recipient hasn’t heard of these drops they’re in for a treat. Add a few drops to a glass of wine and it will naturally reduce sulfites and/or tannins in the wine. These elements are what gives you wine headaches and allergic symptoms – something a lot of people suffer from.

Macrame Wine Carrier

Macramé Wine Tote Bag
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This is a really unique gift idea for wine lovers! Bringing a bottle of wine is a lot easier when you have a holder, and this one is super stylish. The best part? It’s handmade. 

Personalized Corkscrews

grape colored Personalized Pocket Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

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If you need a lot of inexpensive wine gifts this is a great option. The price includes customization and you get 12!

Hors d’Oeuvres Plates

set of four Bamboo Hors d' Oeuvres Plates

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These plates have a cut out so you can attach them to your wine glass. They’re great for dinner parties when everyone is standing up and mingling around.

Wine: A Graphic History Book

Best Inexpensive Gifts for Wine Lovers Wine A Graphic History Paperback book

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Wine has a robust history that dates back to BC times. This book covers how wine developed throughout history, including the way past civilizations viewed the drink. Oh, and it’s a comic book!

Thermal Wine Carrier

black Tirrinia Single Wine Tote Bag, Insulated Thermal Padded Wine Bottle Carrying Cooler Carrier for Travel

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If you like to drink white wine then you know it’s best chilled. When you’re going to someone’s house and bringing a bottle of wine, or even going to the park or on a picnic, the worst thing is when the bottle gets warm. A thermal wine carrier is a practical gift idea, plus this one is really stylish too.

A Meal Without Wine Sign

Hanging Sign 'A Meal Without Wine is Called Breakfast Wine Mini Farmhouse Signs
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Everyone needs a bit of wine humour in their lives!

Wine Hydro Flask

stone color Hydro Flask 10 oz. Wine Tumbler

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I love this as a gift because it’s a trendy brand that’s generally thought of as expensive, but this insulated wine tumbler isn’t too costly at all. Leak proof and insulated it’s a great gift for someone who likes to drink wine outside.

Wine Glass Keychain

Personalized Initial keychain wine glass
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These keychains come personalized so you can give a one of a kind gift. While they’re not very expensive, a keychain will help the recipient think of you whenever they pick up their keys!

Wine Sampler Set

Wine Tasting Flight Sampler Set of four 6oz Decanter Glasses with Paddle andChalkboard

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This is a perfect gift idea for the amateur sommelier. They can make their own wine tasting right at home. 

Wine Tasting Journal

Wine Tasting Journal Diary and Notebook

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To go with the wine tasting set (or as a gift on its own) this wine tasting journal is a very thoughtful gift for a wine lover. The guide helps them create useful tasting notes so they can keep a record of the different wines they sample.

Funny Wine Shirt

dark grey tshirt with white writing that says my favorite workout and shows a corkscrew moving
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T-shirts are great inexpensive gifts for wine lovers because who doesn’t love a funny shirt? Why yes, I do workout. 

Cute Wine Glass

I'm Not Kitten You You Are Perfect Wine Glass

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There’s a lot of unique wine glasses out there but I like this one because it’s cute and comes in a nice gift box. There’s a few options, too, including a dog version.

Christmas Ornament

Mistletoe and Merlot Ornament wooden sliced ornament
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If you’re looking for an inexpensive holiday gift idea for wine lovers this little ornament is super cute. You get to pick the colour, too!

Wine Glass Markers

Pack of 8 Food-Safe Non-Toxic Wine Glass Marker Pens

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Here’s something they probably don’t already have. These markers are specially made so you can draw on your wine glasses – meaning guests can label their drinks any way they choose. They’re food safe and wash off easily when you’re done.

Wine Bottle Umbrella

Wine bottle umbrella. Today’s forecast: 100% chance of wine
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This gift idea is so cute and practical, too. It’s one of those things that you give to someone and they’re completely blown away by the uniqueness. 

Wine Glass Carrying Sleeves

red, pink, and tan Wine Glass Sleeves with Carrying Lanyard

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You can set stemmed or stemless wine glasses inside these little wine holders. The lanyard idea is really funny, especially as a gift for someone who is always losing their glass. Or use this as a white elephant gift idea! 

Wine Lover’s Bookmark

black wire personilzed bookmark that shows wine glass and mom
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This wine bookmark actually comes personalized so you can add whatever name you want to the bookmark. The top (a wine glass) is twisted so it hooks onto the book to hold the page more securely.

Wine Gift Set

wine themed gift set with coasters, RX themed wine glass, and pink fuzzy socks Buy Now

This set comes with a little bit of everything  so it’s a great inexpensive gift idea for wine lovers. There’s even a few style options so you can find one that they’ll like the best. 

Wine Folly Book

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide Hardcover

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This book is a detailed guide to wine drinking. It has everything, from pairing ideas, to regional maps, and even charts with wine colours to help improve your wine knowledge. If you’re not sure what to get a wine lover, an inexpensive book like this is a great gift because it has knowledge for both beginner and advanced wine drinkers.

Lip Balm

Wine Lip Balm
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This is a great inexpensive wine gift idea if you need something to add to a gift basket, a stocking stuffer, or are gifting to a group. 

Glass of Wine Sign

Funny Wine Sign, I need a huge glass of wine, Carved Wood Wall Hanging
Buy Now

This funny sign has “I NEED A HUGe glass of wine” carved into it. Not only is it funny, it will look fit in with most home decor styles too.

Wine Bottle Holder

Spilled Wine Bottle Holder red and white wine bottles

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This is another popular, inexpensive gift idea for wine lovers. There’s a lot of options out there but I think this 2 pack (one for red and one for white) is one of my favourites, for obvious reasons.

Wine Wars Game

Wine Wars A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes

Buy Now

Test your wine knowledge with this trivia game! Card games are always fun while drinking, but this one pairs especially well with friends and wine.

Personalized Wine Charm

personalized Gold wine charms for Wine glass
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These charms are really inexpensive gifts for wine lovers and can be personalised with everyone’s names! They’d make great party favours for an event, too.

 Pirate Bottle Opener

Pirate Bottle Opener

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I’m not big on gifting corkscrews unless they’re really unique, because everyone already has a corkscrew. Except this one is unique – and hilarious. When you take off the cork with the corkscrew it becomes the pirate’s peg leg. 

Wine Gems

Stainless Steel Wine Chillers for Wine

Buy Now

My mom drives me crazy by adding ice cubes to her wine. It’s going to water it down! Keep that from happening to your friends and family by giving them stainless steel ice cubes – they chill your glass without melting.

Tabletop Wine Rack

Metal Tabletop Wine Holder with Modern Design

Buy Now

If they have a home bar or somewhere that you think would be perfect for displaying wine, this is a great gift idea. I love the modern honeycomb design – it’s stylish, yet inexpensive too.

Wine Scented Bath Salts

Wine Scented Bath Salts
Buy Now

This is a perfect relaxation gift idea. You could give them on their own, or as part of a bath themed gift basket. Either way they’re super cute and smell amazing too.

Drink Coasters

four Funny Wine Coasters Set and Holder Rustic Wood with Funny Sayings and Quotes

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These are always a great gift idea – and they can be a fun conversation starter too. If you’re shopping for someone with a sense of humour, these coasters are sarcastic and funny.

Wine Cork Holder

Black Metal Wire Cork Storage Holder Cage thats shaped into the letter of WINE

Buy Now

A lot of people like to collect their wine corks but they don’t always do much with them. This holder is designed to help include their collection in their home’s decor. 

Wine Glass Earrings

Red wine glass  shaped dangling earrings
Buy Now

These would be so pretty to wear to a wine tasting or on a vacation to wine country. Or anytime for a wine lover, really! 

Wine Aerator Pourer

black wine Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanter Spout

Buy Now

This is handy to have if you don’t have time to aerate your wine before drinking. While it’s not exactly the same as using a proper aerator, it will definitely make a difference if you pour your reds through this device.

Wine Pairing Kitchen Towel

Food and Wine Pairing printed white Tea Towel
Buy Now

Kitchen towels are great housewarming gifts. They’re also something that everyone can use, even if they already have other towels at home. This one is super cute and stylish and shows what types of foods pair best with popular wine varieties.

Wine Kitchen Timer

silver Wine Cooler Bucket Shaped Kitchen Timer

Buy Now

Yeah, digital timers are nice, but so many people prefer the mechanical varieties. This one can time up to 60 minutes and is shaped like a wine chiller – complete with tiny bottle of wine inside.

Wine Soap

Red Wine Soap, Floral Bar Soap, Organic Cold Process Soap
Buy Now

It’s made of natural ingredients including real wine! It not only smells good, but is also great for your skin. 

Wine Periodic Table Print

Wine Periodic Table, Unframed Print, Canvas or Digital in Various Sizes

Buy Now

The price does go up if you get larger sizes, but even the small print is a great gift idea.

Wine Label Puzzle

Ravensburger Wine Labels 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults

Buy Now

This is a high quality puzzle that will keep wine lovers occupied for hours. Literally! There’s something so relaxing about opening up a bottle of wine and working on a puzzle, don’t you think?

Personalized Wine Cork Holder

Personalized Champagne Cork Holder - Wine Heart Shape Cork Collection
Buy Now

This would be a lovely gift for a couple’s wedding or anniversary. The smaller size is perfect if you’re on a budget, and personalization is included in the price too.

A Bottle of Wine

white Reusable Wine Bag that says pairs welll with planning a wedding

Buy Now

Yes, I said no wine, but if you’re really out of ideas or need a last minute gift a bottle is a great gift idea. There’s plenty of varieties that taste great on a budget, too. If you’re not a wine drinker ask the employees for advice – they usually have great recommendations! 

Cooling Wine Cups

two set cooling grey wine glasses for freezer

Buy Now

These two piece cooling wine glasses make the perfect gift for any wine lover out there! Pop in the freezer and enjoy a cool glass of wine without worrying about ice watering down your drink.

Adult Wine Coloring Book

adult themed wine coloring book

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Adult coloring books a great gift idea for anyone! This one is even better than the regular ones since its completely wine themed!

Funny Wine Stoppers

five piece Funny Wine Stoppers

Buy Now

Just in case you can’t finish your wine these hilarious wine stoppers are a must have! Air right they will keep your wine fresh for days.

Hopefully with all these inexpensive gifts for wine lovers you’re filled with inspiration and ready to find the perfect present!

To make your shopping easier, try and scope out what items they have first or seem in need of – then you can surprise your gift recipient with something truly thoughtful. 

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