Best Wine Foil Cutter Reviews

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Wine, and the implements we use to enjoy it are the subject of many people’s obsession. And why shouldn’t it be? Putting a lot of care into your tools, glassware and accessories is all a part of how you choose to enjoy it. Wine is a spectacle, in both production, taste and culture. We drink it with friends and invite them over to enjoy it without handmade spreads, using our glasses and accessories. These are our best wine foil cutter reviews!

We give credence to the design of bottles, and appreciate their labels and capsules, so why not our own wine accessories? To that end, we want to provide you with some of the best wine foil cutters. Have an enjoyable, carefree and perfect wine drinking experience with these wine bottle foil cutters. 

Reviewing The Best Wine Foil Cutters To Add to Your Wine Accessory Set

We’re going to dive into some of our favorite wine cutters out there. Examining and reviewing how well they work, their style and how they’ll fit into your home bar! But first, we’ll touch one some must-know wine bottle tips to make for an easy and carefree night of enjoying your new bottle! Here’s to the perfect glass of wine, and all of the right trimmings. 

You know that old adage, ‘You need the right tools for the job’. Simple, but forever true. That applies to our leisures, too! It makes for a better wine drinking experience to have exactly what you need one hand. A wine foil cutter is one of those much-needed tools you can’t go without! 

What do you look for in wine drinking accessories? For us, a big sticking point is the intersection between style and function. Because when you’re talking about a luxury like wine, everything surrounding it is a little more than just practical. 

Why is There Foil on Wine Bottles? 

Wine bottles have had foil on them for quite a long time, now. Before that, wax made for a popular sealer that went over the top of the cork and glass. The reason there is foil on wine bottles, is to keep rodents and impurities away from the cork. It isn’t hard to imagine wine bottles being susceptible to mice and insects in centuries past, very much making these a necessity. Wine foil is also known as the capsule of the wine bottle. 

Capsules can be made from foil, paper and wax. Some people remove only as much foil as they need before removing the cork. Others remove the entire capsule from the bottle before uncorking it. In many cases the foil capsule makes for another surface for winemakers to show off their branding or artistic vision. The entire bottle nowadays is used for marketing. So capsules can have unique designs, properties and applications on any given wine bottle. If you wish to remove them simply and easily, that’s why we’re here to point you in the right direction. Check out some of the best wine foil cutters below! 

Should you Remove All of the Foil From a Wine Bottle? 

There’s no reason in particular to remove all of the foil from your wine bottle besides personal preference. There are many people who leave the bottle half of their foil, including some of the shredded or ripped part for one interesting and practical reason. As it happens, wine bottles are not particularly good for pouring. 

For anyone who has poured out of a wine bottle, this is absolutely no surprise whatsoever. That being said, the little bit of foil that remains on the neck of a bottle is perfect for catching those pesky little droplets of wine! To stop it from splattering around your countertop, leaving the rest of the foil on your wine bottle can be a good idea! 

How do you Cut The Foil Off a Wine Bottle? 

If you’re to enjoy your bottle of wine ‘properly’, (and that’s something that matters to you). Try using a specially designed foil cutter. They come in lots of different styles, but they’re all simple to use. By either gripping, or cutting the foil with a rounded edge, these wine bottle foil cutters get the job done almost painlessly. 

You can also go for the much less recommended method, which is of course to try and remove the cork as usual but without removing any of the foil. What you’ll end up with looks something like an exploded stick of dynamite in an old cartoon. Sharp-edged foil pieces protrude past the end of the bottle opening, making it more difficult to pour, and kind of pokey. 

There’s one other way to remove foil from a wine bottle which has been floating around the internet for a while now. Some people claim by gripping the entire capsule, (foil part). Of the wine bottle, and twisting while pulling you’re able to remove the whole thing! Sounds too good to be true? It just may be, as we haven’t had the chance to try it yet. Truth be told, you can pry our fancy foil cutters from our cold, dead hands. We love our accessories, and you should too! Check out some of the best wine foil cutters below! 

L’Atelier du Vin Chrome Metal Foil Cutter 

We absolutely adore everything L’Atelier du Vin products here! They make some of the most visually impressive and functional pieces of wine accessories out there! They’re simplistic, and elegant to use. But, most of all we love that they pair with literally any design you’re going for in your wine rack, home bar or serving set! 

Pair this lovely foil cutter with any of your other accessories and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! It features two hardened professional grade steel blades. In just one movement, you’ll have removed the perfect amount of foil with no mess! The other thing we love about this tool is the two eyelets above the blades which allow you to watch where its going to cut along the foil while in use. 

What we love: Elegant chrome finish, perfect for any wine set!

Edgy Wine Premium Wine Foil Cutter

The Edgy wine foil cutter is super lightweight, and durable! This is the perfect wine foil cutter to take with you to the beach, on a picnic or as a backup set for your home bar setup.

Its totally plastic outer design makes it incredibly safe, as it will only cut precisely when you want it to. It comes in a bold red color, so it won’t get lost either. This wine cutter comes with a snazzy box for gifting, too! 

What we love: This is a reliable, and simple foil cutter for beginners! 

Cork Pops Hot Lips 4 Blade Foil Cutter 

Here’s one wine foil cutter you won’t lose! And that’s not just because it looks like the Rolling Stones logo, but it has a surprising feature. This novelty wine cutter is more than just funny, it even doubles as a fridge magnet!

Good luck losing this reliable little wine foil cutter in your wine rack drawer, this thing will always be there when you need it. It’s the perfect conversation piece meets wine accessory, and it might just become your new favorite!  

What we love: This is a quirky conversation piece that doubles as a wine foil cutter! 

Viski Summit Heavyweight Wine Bottle Foil Cutter 

If your barware is all style, this wine bottle foil cutter will be the perfect addition to your collection! It comes in a luxurious gold finish, and has a heavy weight to really make you feel exclusive! If you’re breaking out the good wine for your guests, don’t let your foil cutter be the exception!

Give your guests the all in one experience they deserve with one of these top of the line wine foil cutters. We love the weight of this thing, it just makes opening wine feel that much more impressive! Copper plated, and easy to use you won’t regret adding this thing to your bar set! 

What we love: The weight and copper finish of this cutter gives it an exclusive feel.

Vinturi Durable Soft Grip Wine Foil Cutter

This soft grip wine foil cutter is one of the most fool-proof pieces of wine gear you can buy! You simply place it right on top of the bottle, squeeze and twist! The silicone body aids in grip, and provides a soft body for easy and pain free use! If you’re a wine lover suffering from arthritis, this might just be the best wine foil cutter for you!

The Vinturi foil cutter has a great appearance, thanks to its chrome topper, and sleek soft body design. If you want a wine capsule opener that’s easy to use, easy on your hand and your wallet, the Vinturi does it all! 

What we love: The soft silicone grip is perfect for ease of use.

Rabbit Wine Bottle Foil Cutter 

The Rabbit line of wine accessories is by many people’s account, the gold standard in quality for wine drinking gadgets! They’re an easy pick for our list of the best wine foil cutters, and here’s why! We love how simple they are to use, they also have incredible durability.

The Rabbit wine foil cutter will serve as a long lasting, and reliable piece of kit that you’ll be glad you’ve got in stock. You can simply place this piece on top of any bottle, apply just the slightest squeeze and twist to remove the perfect amount of foil, every time! This cutter works with every style of wine bottle, and its velvety smooth plastic finish makes it durable and enjoyable to use. 

What we love: This is the best all around wine bottle foil cutter. 

While any one of these wine foil cutters is sure to get the job done, we absolutely love the Viski Summit heavyweight wine foil cutter. Since we’re all about style and fun here at Aspiringwinos, we don’t like to leave any flashy accents by the wayside. Use this foil cutter to really impress your guests, and to do justice to some of your nicer bottles of wine! Thanks for checking out these reviews of the best wine foil cutters! What’s your favorite way to open wine? Tag us in a photo of your wine accessory collection (@aspiringwinos)! 

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