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Of course you want to have pictures to document your adventures through wine country. However, not everyone takes great pictures. And, if you want to post them on Instagram, you want them to be worthy! I mean who posts normal pictures on Instagram anyways?! We want the world to think every picture, adventure, and drink is perfect! Here are the most important photo tips for wine pics taken for Instagram.

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Why Are Good Instagram Pictures Important?

Taking drool worthy pictures to post on Instagram isn’t all about the vanity, here. I mean you have to remember that Instagram is a totally visual platform. This means that to engage your followers your photos have to be visually appealing.

If you aren’t on Instagram for your followers, then it doesn’t really matter, but many people use their Instagram to promote their own business, get engagement, and get brands to look at them.

The more your post gets boosted, the more you increase your chances of appearing in more people’s newsfeeds. Or, you could land on the “Explore” page (which widens your range even more).

When you walk into a high-end clothing store, you expect to find well-made beautiful clothing options because that is what you went there for, right?! Well, users on Instagram are there for beautiful, high quality images.

So, before you snap a shot, think about how you can make it Instagram worthy. Now that we have scared you into thinking your Instagram account sucks, we want to help you make all your followers jealous.

Here are the top tips for taking Instagram worthy pictures at wineries:

Do Not Use the Instagram App

It is much easier to take several pictures at one time using your iPhone or Smartphone than it is to try and get one great Instagram picture. Then, you can choose from several pictures to post on Instagram. Don’t forget to change your phone to multi-take mode before taking your picture.

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Take Photos in Square Mode

For Instagram to accept your photos, it has to be turned into a square. When you upload a picture in regular photo mode, it can get distorted or look weird. You can change your photos to square mode on both Android and Apple.

    • Apple’s square mode is across the bottom when you open up your picture app. So, you can choose what kind of mode you want.
    • Android is a little trickier. You have to find the ratios at the top when you open the app. It will usually be set to [3:4]. You want to change it to [1:1].

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Get Down to the Right Level

You want to get down to the eye level of the people you are taking a picture of. If you can’t do this because you are in the picture, you will want to consider a selfie stick. Selfie sticks allow you to get a picture at various angles so everyone looks good.

If you just want pictures of your wine, try different angles. You can stand up and aim your lens above the glass, or you can bend down lower to get on the same level. Get in close when taking wine pictures so you avoid unwanted backgrounds or unattractive walls.

Use Natural Lighting

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This cannot be stressed enough. Natural lighting is always the best way to take pictures. If you can’t go outside, find a window where light can pass through and illuminate your wine glass. This enhances the color of your wine. Keep in mind that you do not want to use flash because it will ruin the natural look of the wine and give you horrible glare.

Put on Your Creative Hat

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Nobody wants to see the same old boring glass of wine. Instead of just taking the easy way out, get creative. If you are sipping your wine next to some fresh flowers, fine cheeses, or other food pairings, include those in your photo. This makes it a true lifestyle shot. Of course, you can also add the wine cork and opener that is sitting next your glass for a more real life photo. If you want to remember what kind of wine you tried, don’t forget to get the bottle in the picture.

Keep in mind that you want to move unwanted things out of the picture such as empty plates, dirty paper towels, or things that just wouldn’t fit well in your picture.

Go Easy on the Filters

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Filters are there to enhance your photos, but if you go too far with it, it looks unnatural. My mind is just blown when I look at these models who have had all their vital organs removed in order to pose for a picture (it does look like that sometimes). However, you also want to make your picture pop! We see a lot of the same old flat images of wine glasses that are under lit and dull. You don’t need any more of those, but you also don’t want your red wine to be a fluorescent orange either.

One of my favorite apps to use for photo editing on a Smartphone is Afterlight. Their filters are subtle, but give you Instagram worthy effects. Use it to enhance your photos without making them look like you took your wine glass out of a cartoon. Remember, less is more.

Go Outside

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Even if you are sipping wine in the tasting room, you can still go outside and look for amazing photo opportunities. Take pictures of the vineyards, the winery, or the hustle and bustle of wine country. The best time to get outside pics is early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the midday sun is offering the harshest light.

Now, you are ready to go on your trip and take some drool worthy Instagram photos! You don’t have to be a pro to take great pictures. You just need a few tips and some photo opps.

Do you have any other tips that make your pictures amazing? Share them in the comments below!

Tips for Taking an Instagram Worthy Wine Photo

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