Lime Alcoholic Drinks

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Limes aren’t just used when you drink a shot of tequila. In fact, there are a plethora of Lime Alcoholic Drinks! Some of which you may have never heard of before. Check them out below!

Why is there a Lemon or Lime in Alcoholic Drinks?

Would you like a slice of lime in your drink? You may get asked this question often by bartenders everywhere, but why do you want lime in your drinks? Lime as well as lemon help to balance the drink and downplay the strength of the alcohol. So, when you get asked to put a lime or lemon in your cocktail, you know you are about to drink something super strong. Of course, by downplaying the strength of the alcohol, you may in fact end up drinking more. So, read our hangover tips below!

Lime Alcoholic Drinks

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Lime Alcoholic Drinks

When you think of alcohol and fruit, you probably think of limes. Any drink can be fixed with salt and lime right? Without limes, our favorite cocktails would not be the same; margaritas, mojitos, and gimlet. Lime helps balance out a drink so you can drink more- so cheers to that!

Well now you can put that lime juice in the back of your fridge to good use! Enjoy these recipes and drink responsibly… ish.

How to Beat a Hangover 

Worried about a hang over from hell after drinking some of these delicious lime alcoholic drinks? Don’t worry, we have a few tips for beating that hangover.

  1. Use Lemons. Drinking lemon juice, lemon water, or a citrus tea will help curve a hangover. This is because when you drink alcohol your body’s PH levels change and become more acidic. Lemons have alkaline and help to balance your insides and reduce dehydration. 
  2. Lime juice. Lime juice helps to stop queasiness, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, and all kinds of muscle aches due to too much alcohol. Additional it provides vitamin C which stabilizes your blood sugar levels. 
  3. Try pickle juice. With vinegar, water, and sodium, this combo helps to combat dehydration, level out your acid and alkaline levels, and boosts your energy. 
  4. Raw eggs. There is a classic remedy that involves mixing egg yolks with Worcestershire sauce and swallowing it whole. The amino acids and antioxidants help fight the hangover. (I couldn’t do this though). 

Additionally, you can prevent a hangover by doing the following:

  • Consume sugar while you drink
  • Drink a glass of water with every drink or shot
  • Drink at least a pint or water before you go to bed
  • Eat plenty of greasy food before you drink

Other Cocktails to Try

If you aren’t into limes and cocktails, you can try some of our other fabulous cocktails. Check them out, below!

Don’t have time to make these lime alcoholic drinks now? Pin them to Pinterest so you can find them later!

Lime Alcoholic Drinks | Lime Cocktails | Cocktails with Limes | Cocktails with Lemons | How to Beat a Hangover | Hangover Tips | Lime Beverages | Alcoholic Drinks with Lime | #lime #lemonlime #alcohol #cocktails #limedrinks

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