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As you’re thinking of summer, it’s time to rustle up some new cocktail recipes. If you love iced tea during summer these Iced Tea and Sweet Tea Cocktails are sure to please. Perfect on the porch with sunset, after dinner on the beach or after a few rounds of tennis. Best served in clear glasses!

Mixed Drinks & Cocktails that Feature Iced Tea & Sweet Tea

Sweet Facts About Iced Tea

Did you know iced tea and sweet tea has a rich history? You probably don’t think about it when you are sipping that cool refreshing drink, but here are some pretty sweet facts about iced tea:

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Tea Started Out with Alcohol

Before people even thought about drinking iced tea or sweet tea alone, it was poured over ice and mixed with alcohol. Most recipes called for Brandy, rum, champagne, or all three. 

The Prohibition Helped Make Tea Popular

When alcohol was illegal, the bars and clubs had to find a way to make money without breaking the law. So, they served tea to quench the thirst of their patrons. 

Arizona Tea is the Same Price

Don’t want to make your own sweet tea or iced tea (laziness is ok)? Did you know Arizona Tea has not changed its prices in almost 20 years? It has been 99 cents forever. 

You Shouldn’t Drink too Much

Tea is touted as a really healthy drink. However, you don’t want to drink too much in one day. In fact, if you drink over a gallon of it in one day, you could be in the hospital with kidney disease. This is because tea actually has a chemical called oxalate in it that can cause kidney damage. 

June is National Iced Tea Month

As cooling and refreshing as tea is to drink, it is no wonder that June is National Iced Tea Month. And, June 10th is National Iced Tea Day. So, cool off with one of these delicious cocktails. 

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Iced Tea Cocktails | Summer Drinks | Summer Cocktail Recipes | Sweet Tea Cocktails | Summer Entertaining | Cocktail Recipes| #icedtea #cocktail #recipes #mixeddrinks

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