20 Unique Wine Glasses to Sip in Style

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Unique wine glasses are great if you’re looking for something extra special to drink from. They’re also fantastic for your bar’s look, especially if you get something that fits your aesthetic.

These unique wine glasses are also great gift ideas for a wine lover who has everything. Sure, they might already have plenty of ordinary wine glasses, but do they have any shaped like birds? Didn’t think so.

Our Favorite Unique Wine Glasses For Every Occasion

Bird Drinking Glasses

Speaking of bird shaped wine glasses… Here they are! Yes, they’re actually cocktail glasses – but I promise that won’t matter. Proper aerating isn’t necessary when your super fun glass makes the wine taste better. It’s science… Probably.

Palavino Aerator Stemmed Wine Glasses

So I don’t get any slack from the wine aficionados out there – here’s my apology for the last set of glasses. These are specially designed for optimal wind aeration and have been approved by one of the world’s best sommeliers.

Diamond Stemless Wine Glass Set

These are awesome for the aesthetic! Stemless wine glasses are super popular right now, but I can’t get over how cool the diamond shape/carnival glass combo looks in this set. They’re also good for cocktails and whiskey, too.

Black Crystal Wine Glasses

Apparently black wine glasses were popular in the 90s so if you want throwback vibes grab a set. Of course, they’re also epic aesthetic pieces for a gothic vibe too.

Wine Square Glasses With Stem

I love wine glasses with unique shapes. Yes, they’re not optimized to bring out each wine’s flavour – but if you’re not fussy about that then these could look really cool in your home bar.

Skull Wine Goblet

This is metal af. I don’t even know what to say other than I want one.

Hand Blown Wine Glasses

Nothing is unique like hand made wine glasses. This set comes with a full place setting of 4. Each glass is hand blown and homemade, so if you’re looking to support a small business these glasses are a great choice.

Aura Glass

The angle and shape of this glass are designed to help aerate your wine. Plus it looks cool, too! It also comes with a coaster that holds the glass upright, too.

Vintage Wine Glasses

Vintage wine glasses are always unique! There’s a lot out there so look for something that fits your aesthetic. I personally own a lot of vintage barware – it really adds a special touch to entertaining!

Iridescent Balloon Crystal Wine Glass

Slightly biased here because these are the same wine glasses I have in my home bar. The iridescent coloring is really pretty and the glasses are a good size, too. 

Butterfly Stemless Wine Glasses

These stemless wine glasses have pretty roses and butterflies attached to the sides. They’re made of metal which helps give the glasses a unique look with retro vibes.

Personalized Wine Tumbler

While it’s not super unique (you see these stainless steel stemless wine glasses a lot), this one does have personalization options so you can make it truly yours.

Stemless Aerating Wine Glass

I want this one just because it’s so weird looking. The wine gets poured through the middle part, which creates as you pour. Then you can enjoy the (improved) wine that’s settled in the outer part, which is a stemless wine glass.

Colorful Wine Glasses

The coloring of these Italian wine glasses is absolutely gorgeous. Add that with the unique base and you have something really special. These are vintage, but there are reproductions out there too.

Pastel Wine Glasses

Handcrafted Copper Wine Glasses

I love anything handcrafted, but these copper wine glasses are stunning. Also if you make a lot of moscow mules or have a lot of copper barware they’re a great choice so everything can match.

Hand Blown Drinking Cups

These drinking cups are made from hand-blown glass so each one is unique. They’re perfect for wine, water, cocktails, or any other kind of beverage. While they’re not perfect aerators, they’d be absolutely stunning for entertaining or enjoying an evening in.

Hand Blown Drinking Cups

Mexican Wine Glasses

Everyone might not find these super unique, but they definitely can add a pop of color to your entertaining or home wine drinking experience. They’re also great for cocktails!

Stemless Wine Glasses

These look like they’re going to fall over but are designed to support themselves on an angle. The result is good aeration and a totally unique wine drinking aesthetic when they’re on the table!

Geode Wine Glass

These are so cool and unique! You can actually choose what color of geode you want too, which means everyone can have a dedicated glass or you can fit it perfectly to your décor. Plus they’re handmade!

Vampire Wine Glass set

The glass is supposed to emulate how vampires drink (you know, the sophisticated ones). So if you’re a vampire, or if you just enjoy a blood red wine, these glasses might be for you. Joking aside the built in straw is kind of cool.

Guzzle Buddy The Ultimate Wine Glass

This wine glass is a true all in one – it’s a decanter, stopper, and wine glass all in one. You attach it to the top of your wine bottle and then you can drink right from the bottle – but in a classy way. If there are leftovers (big if) the stopper will keep your wine fresh for a while.

Rose Flower Wine Glass

This stunning rose shaped wine glass is a must have! The perfect wine glass for anyone in your life, of for yourself!

Heart Shaped Wine Glasses

Of course everyone needs a beautiful heart shaped wine glass set in their life! These stunning glasses would make an excellent addition to any wine lovers collection.

Hopefully you’ve found some unique wine glasses for your home bar or to give as gifts. While not all these glasses optimize each wine’s taste they make up for it in style and fun! 

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