Snickers Lovers Rejoice: Introducing Boozy Snickers Iced Coffee

Okay Snickers lovers…rejoice, this ones for you! Introducing our boozy Iced coffee. Packed full of peanut butter whiskey, snickers iced coffee, and tons of ice! What could be better? Invite some friends over and enjoy summer while sipping on one of these delicious drinks. Check out how to make your Boozy Snickers Iced Coffee below!

Boozy Snickers Iced Coffee - on a wooden round slab with mini chocolate bars, iced coffee, and whiskey bottles around it.

Decadent Boozy Snickers Iced Coffee

Need an afternoon pick me up with a boozy element? Well this decadent snickers iced coffee is definitely the right choice. Peanut butter, chocolate, and iced coffee! Delicious. This tasty iced coffee is super easy to throw together too, all you need is ice, peanut butter whiskey, snickers iced coffee, and snickers chocolate bar (for garnish). That’s it! Mix it all together and you have a tasty, boozy, and caffeinated treat!

Boozy Snickers Iced Coffee - creamy light brown cocktail with tons of ice.

Alternatives For Iced Coffee

Whiskey: We suggested Peanut butter whiskey for this tasty iced coffee, if for some reason you are unable to track that guy down don’t worry! You can use any whiskey you enjoy and add 1tsp of smooth peanut butter -stir really well or blend together.

Snickers Iced Coffee: If you are unable to find snickers iced coffee you can use any iced coffee (even make your own) and add snickers coffee creamer. If that’s not an option you can blend up a snickers and add to your iced coffee.

Ice Cream – Never say no to ice cream! You can add in a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream to make this a creamy milkshake.

Boozy Snickers Iced Coffee - Cocktail filled with tons of ice, straws and a mini snickers chocolate bar as garnish.

Snickers Iced Coffee Recipe

iced coffee with mini chocolate bars around it.


Ingredients needed for Boozy Snickers Iced Coffee on a wooden slab - peanut butter whiskey bottle, snickers iced coffee bottle, mini snickers chocolate bars, and two straws.


  1. Fill a cup with ice cubes.
glass filled with ice
  1. Pour in 1 shot of peanut butter whiskey.
above view of whiskey being poured into a glass.
  1. Top off with snickers Iced Coffee.
above view of snickers iced coffee being poured into glass.
  1. Garnish with a snickers bar.
Boozy Snickers Iced Coffee
  1. Cheers!
Finished cocktail with mini snickers bar as garnish on top.
Boozy Snickers Iced Coffee

Boozy Snickers Iced Coffee

Yield: 1

Calling all Snickers lovers! This ones for you. Peanut butter whiskey, snickers iced coffee, and load of ice make this delicious drink.


  • 1 Shot Peanut Butter Whisky
  • 13oz Snickers Iced Coffee (I found at Walmart)¬†
  • Ice Cubes
  • Mini Snickers Bars (Garnish)


  1. Fill a cup with ice cubes.
  2. Pour in 1 shot peanut butter whiskey.
  3. Top off with Snickers Iced Coffee.
  4. Garnish with a Snickers Bar.
  5. Cheers.

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