9 Tips To Make Your Next Wine Tasting Trip Incredible

You don’t want to have a wine tasting trip that was an utter nightmare! I am going to help prevent that by giving you these helpful 9 tips to make your next wine tasting trip incredible. If you have never been on a wine tasting trip, you have missed out. But, the good news is that we all have to start somewhere. I want your experience to be something you remember in a good way, not because you got drunk and ended up hitting on everyone. Here are the very best tips to get you started.

How to Make Your Wine Trip Unforgettable | How to have an amazing winery trip | Planning tips and tricks for wine tours | The things you really need to know in order to go wine tasting like a professional. #wine #travel #winetasting

Pack Lots Of Water

Water is your friend when you go on a wine tasting trip! Drinking water will naturally keep you hydrated and clean your palate. Sipping on cold water will also help you pace yourself, so you don’t get tipsy too fast.

Don’t just bring a bottle or two, make sure you pack several bottles of water or a jug that you can refill your water bottle with. Many wineries have a water station so you can refill and rehydrate. Don’t be afraid to ask to refill your water bottle if they don’t have a station specifically for it. They are used to this and won’t give you a weird look!

When you pack a cooler with water, make sure to include lots of ice. You are going to want to put in some of your new wine purchases so you can enjoy them later too.

Spit (At Least Sometimes)

The goal is to have a terrific and memorable wine tasting trip, not get entirely smashed! You simply won’t like every wine you taste either, so don’t be afraid to spit it out. If you don’t like the wine, you can also dump it out instead of spit too. The spit buckets are everywhere you look for a reason. They want you to enjoy the flavors without swallowing every time.

Spitting also allows you to pace yourself too. You will hear me say this a lot because pacing yourself is so important on your wine excursion. I know it might seem a little awkward to spit in front of a bunch of strangers, but don’t worry! Everyone does it no matter how sophisticated they are.

Avoid Wearing Perfume or Cologne on your Wine Tasting Trip

If you customarily wear fragrance, it might seem insane to skip for a wine tasting. Skipping will significantly affect your experience because being able to smell the wine is a huge part of the experience. When you can fully take in the aroma of the wine without distracting perfumes, you will appreciate it. Not to mention the other guests don’t want to have their trips less than perfect because you wore your granny’s horrible smelling perfume!

Dress The Part

Wearing comfortable shoes should be a no brainer, but it has to be said. You are going to be going from place to place, and the last thing you need is super sore tootsies. Wear flats or shorter heels so your feet can be as comfortable as possible. Something with a cushioned insole would be perfect!

It is best to wear dark-colored clothing. You don’t want to wear a bright white shirt and spill wine down the front in the first place you go to. I promise you will thank yourself later! Also to avoid a catastrophe, make sure you don’t have large sleeves either. Otherwise, you might find yourself spilling a glass of wine on your neighbor’s lap, and no one needs that.

Additionally, wear your hair back if it is long. You are going to be spitting wine out, and it is never attractive to watch someone spit on their hair. Save yourself from that certain humility and plan ahead. You will be glad you did.

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Ask The Staff Questions

Be sure to ask the winery which restaurants in the area allow you to BYOB. Most likely you will be picking up several bottles of wine throughout the day and will be anxious to have a glass. Picking a place to dine that is accustomed to people bringing their own wine will make your experience that much better. Plus, you already know you like what you have purchased.

Additionally, ask the staff if there are other wineries they love. They will be happy to help you and give you some great ideas. They typically know all the best places to go to. You will probably find some great places just because you asked.

Pace Yourself

Plan to visit somewhere between 3-6 wineries in a day. If it is your very first experience, I would lean closer to 3 wineries and if you are an old pro hit up 6. There is so much to take in and experience you won’t want to be overwhelmed or stressed. Wine tasting is fun, relaxing and entertaining so don’t try to fit too much into one trip. You can always make this something you do more frequently instead of cramming it all into one day.

Spring For The Fancy Tour

Spend the extra money on the fancy tour for at least one of the wineries. The entire experience is different, and you won’t regret it. Sometimes you will have to ask for this in advance to make sure they can accommodate you. I recommend calling ahead and getting it lined out before your tour date. Plus, you can check out what each winery has to offer on their tour upgrades.

Take Notes

definitely take notes on your wine tasting trip

Trust me when I say that you aren’t going to remember everything you tried. Especially, if you end up tipsy at all. Plus, it is easy to confuse the different wines and find yourself buying the wrong one. I like to bring a notebook that easily fits in my pocket or purse so I can leave comments. This is a common practice, and it is so much better than forgetting everything.

Don’t Be Afraid To Have Fun on your Wine Tasting Trip

If this is your first wine tasting tour, you might feel a little out of place and not know exactly how to act. My number one piece of advice is to have fun. Relax, enjoy the flavors (and spit out the ones you don’t like), and make memories. You don’t have to be fancy or serious the entire time. It is great to smile and enjoy your surroundings.

The more fun you have, the more incredible the entire trip will be. Go with people who you enjoy spending time with and are comfortable around. Taste as many different styles and types of wine that you want. Laugh, giggle, and just enjoy your trip.

Okay, now that you have these 9 tips to make your next wine tasting trip incredible you need to start planning today! Be sure to tag us with your photos and comments after your next experience! We can’t wait to hear more.

How to Make Your Wine Trip Unforgettable | How to have an amazing winery trip | Planning tips and tricks for wine tours | The things you really need to know in order to go wine tasting like a professional. #wine #travel #winetasting 

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