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If you’re wondering what to wear wine tasting as a guy, you’ve come to the right place! These outfit choices and accessories will have you styling during your tasting. Whether its at a winery, wine bar, or formal occasion we’ve got you covered as always.

What to Wear Wine Tasting as a Guy

This is What to Wear Wine Tasting as a Guy

It’s not always easy picking the right outfit, but we’ve got some great selections to keep you on the right track. Dress sensibly, and put your best foot forward, (you’ve got this!) Wine tastings are easy, you don’t actually need the know-how to have a good time. Wine is all about time well spent with interesting people and familiar faces. Good luck picking an outfit, but don’t forget to have fun!

Classy Belt

Classic Brown Leather Belt

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Your frayed belt from high school, that you still have, just isn’t going to do the trick here. Class things up with a nice belt to compliment your top and bottoms. Remember to match, and don’t underestimate the power of a good belt.

Sun Hat

Men's Havana-style Sun Hat

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This stylish Havana style hat is a great way to keep the sun off of your face and look good doing it. Wineries involve a lot of time outside and you’ll want to make sure you look the part. A baseball cap wouldn’t quite fit the scene, so strut confidently knowing you’re dressed to impress.

Trendy Shirt

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This easy breezy shirt is daring. Why? It’s stark white. Ok, we know what you’re thinking. Wine… white tops… you’re a daredevil, and particularly careful with your wine glasses. Or… maybe just stick to white wines.

Stylish Lightweight Pink Shirt

Stylish Casual Men's Shirt

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This is another buttoned top for you to really show off some style. A nice salmon pink, it’s another awesome outdoor wine trail chic piece. Show some color with this shirt that will really turn some heads.

Drawstring Beach Trousers

Casual Drawstring Men's Beach Trousers

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On to the trousers! These drawstring light brown and light weight beach style pants are the perfect compromise between comfort and style. You’ll want to look your best, but if you’re at a beach winery or summer outdoor tasting the laid back style is a clear winner.

Retro Style Sunglasses

Men's Retro Sunglasses

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Timeless and carefree, these notably trendy and versatile pair of sunglasses will keep you looking as cool as you’ll feel at your next beach wine tasting. Catch some sun and be sure to turn some heads with these one of a kind shades.

Linen Trousers

Men's Linen Trousers

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Available in a variety of colors these trousers are a great step into your favorite new wardrobe addition. Looking good never felt so easy, these casual style linen trousers are ideal for semi casual indoor tasting venues.

Modern Sunglasses

Men's Modern Sunglasses

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One option for dealing with those rays during a day at the winery are these sleek, modern style black frame sunglasses. Enjoy the ray ban style without the price tag, and catch some rays in the vines this summer with a great looking pair of sunglasses.

Fashion Watch

Men's Black Watch

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Men, check your watch game. This watch is perfect for slightly formal wine gatherings. You’ll be the star at tastings and you’ve got to look the part. This watch has a minimalist vibe and is incredibly versatile.

Ivory Beach Suit

Ivory Beach-Friendly Men's Suit

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If you’re looking for a one stop shop this one is a surefire success. This ivory white suit combo includes matching pants for a nearly foolproof combo. Match with a nice shirt to add some color and get ready for the compliments to flow in. For beach, semi-formal and formal gatherings.

Men’s Short Sleeve Collared

Men's Collared Short Sleeve Shirt

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This short sleeve collared shirt is a great pick for a dressed down but sensible look. It’s design and fit makes it a stellar choice for looking modern and fresh. Choose a nice interesting print to bring out your relaxed side, remember you’re here to have a good time!

Stylish Green Shorts

Green Shorts for Men

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Pair these with a short sleeved collared shirt, polo or linen shirt for a great laidback look. You’ll want to choose something like this for those winery visits on a hot summer day. Most everyone will be dressed down, and you can look good doing it.

What to Wear Wine Tasting: A Formal suit

Men's Three-Piece Tweed Suit

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This 3-piece tweed suit is to really steal the show at a formal wine tasting. Great for wine receptions, tours and events this suit will give you a smart demeanor and let your personality shine. Keep it simple, and buy all in one!

Insulated Wine Tote

Insulated Wine Tote

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This is a great way to keep classy while picking up a few bottles after the tasting event. Or, if you’re planning on a romantic wine picnic after the show is over you’ll be prepared with a convenient piece of kit.

Cotton Pocket Squares

Cotton Pocket Squares for Guys to Wear when Wine Tasting

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Formal occasions call for a little more accessorizing than you may be used to. This set of pocket squares has got you covered. Their all cotton design and versatility in color makes them the perfect fit for any of your tasting where you might be showcasing one of your suits!

Fashion Fedora

Men's Fedora

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This reliable, short brimmed hat makes for an awesome summertime accessory. You can spare the hair styling and throw one of these bad boys on for a quick fix as well! Take it from us, style in the vineyard is key and you’ll want to make a good impression.

Baja Slip-On Shoes for Guys

Baja Slip-On Shoes

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These shoes are a great fit for a casual wine tasting. Their low rise profile is ankle height, so they go well with a shirt and pair of shorts. Great for the beach, or the yacht, these boat-shoes are a great comfortable choice.

Fashion Watch, Casual

Michael Kors Men's Gage Brown Watch

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A slightly more casual fashion watch with a brown leather wrist strap, this timepiece is sure to complement your casual winery digs. Pair with your collared shirt, shorts or lightweight, lightly colored trousers for a fresh summertime style.

Men’s Casual Shorts

Men's Shorts

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Keep your style as lightweight as you can. Winery visits can take you on quite the trek, and you want to dress practically. Thankfully, shorts like these can help you combine style with utility, and keep you cool throughout the day. Pairs nicely with a pir of ankle high shoes and a nice light shirt.

Men’s Leather Walking Shoes

Men's Leather Walking Shoes

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These leather shoes are ideal for warm weather romping. Driving, walking and trips on the boardwalk wine festival are what they were designed for. Breathable and light, they’ll keep you moving all day long in the summer heat. Pair with your shorts or summer pants for an easy combination.

Hopefully you’re not asking what to wear wine tasting anymore and found your next favorite outfit for wine tasting. Versatility in your outfit will keep you prepared for any occasion, and you’re going to want to focus on the wine, the friends, and the venue, not your threads. Let us know if these pick inspired your next wine tasting outfit!

What to Wear Wine Tasting as a Guy

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