Disney 2019 Food & Wine Festival

Disneyland’s California Adventure park hosts the Disney 2019 Food & Wine Festival (March 1 to April 23). The festival is 54 days of fun in the sun with some of SoCal’s best gastronomic offerings. On the agenda you’ll find celebrity seminars and demonstrations and of course, a never ending selection of food and beverages. There’s no better venue than the “Happiest Place on Earth” to experience a hand-picked selection of beer, wine, and spirits. We’re going to dive into what’s on offer for guests looking to attend!

The Food & Wine festival is one of the coolest things the Sunshine State offers adult visitors. It’s magical. Enjoy High-end locally sourced ingredients and the laid-back lifestyle of Cali. We’re going to take a bite into some of the bites and beverages that make this event one worth visiting for.

Wine Lovers Rejoice

Disney Food & Wine Festival - the big epcot ball
Photo Credit: Disneyland Resort

Tastings, seminars and experiences take center stage during the festival. In addition, a Festival Marketplace located in DCA’s uniquely California-themed park houses the heart of the event’s food and beverage vendors. The Sip & Savor pass enhances the experience with must-have event swag as well as vouchers redeemable for the available offerings.

Wine lovers find an array of tastings and events catered to their tastes. Education and tasting seminars enhance the traditional wine-tasting experience. And you can’t beat the backdrop of a truly magical Disney resort experience. MacMurray Ranch Vineyards and Silverado Vineyards spotlights some of the best grapes on offer in a personalized experience. A one of a kind reception introduces guests to the SoCal. Guests book reservations to experience a guided tour of the pairings and profiles of the wine being showcased.  

Beer, Spirits and Cocktails oh my!

Disney Food & Wine Festival - Wooden wine bottle shaped cutting board engraved with disney
Photo Credit: Disneyland Resort

Wine isn’t all there is to sip! Disney features cocktails, locally-brewed beer and spirits. Handcrafted and gourmet cocktails have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Wooing your friends and family with different recipes and flavors is more important than ever. Expand your mixology lexicon and experience some new concoctions this year in the California Adventure park!

A Meyer’s Lemon Ginger Mule will put a spin on the much loved copper clad cocktail. If a Mimosa is more your taste, you’ll find an exclusive flight with a triple feature of Hibiscus, Tropical and Mixed Berry. Disney parks are advertising an exciting Margarita option for those getting their vacay on. A Jalape-o-Lime Margarita adds some kick to the traditional and ubiquitous boozy slushie! 

Magically Delicious Pairings

Disney Food & Wine Festival - close up of a rice appetizer that looks like sushi
Photo Credit: Disneyland Resort

What’s a stellar glass of wine without a tasty bite? The Disney 2019 Food & Wine feels like a fairy-tale feast. Local vendors put their best foot forward to present a flavor experience like none other. Disney parks, resorts and attractions are the gold standard in hospitality and dining. The Festival Marketplaces features chef-inspired SoCal desserts, snacks and dishes. These

A Cauliflower Ceviche with Chile Corn Crumble compliments visitors with its garden fresh flavors. In addition, a Ghost Pepper Mac & Cheese entices guests with a deviously spicy profile. Deconstructed Teriyaki Chicken Musubi, similarly, celebrates a truly Californian flavor combination. And lastly, a Chocolate Crunch cake commemorating the festival designed by Disney’s very own world class chefs provides a sweet treat. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Festival favorites, such as Nuts About Cheese, Uncork California, and California Craft Brews will be must-sees for the amatuer mixologist. Not only are the menus more reasonably priced than you might have expected, but their selection has grown from recent years. Wine, Mimosa and beer flights can be found at several of these Marketplace locations. California Artisan cheese tastings are also a beloved annual fixture.

Family Friendly Experience

Disney Food & Wine Festival - guy talking and explaining a flight of wine standing next to a table
Photo Credit: Disneyland Resort

One can hardly imagine a more family-friendly environment than a Disney park. Disneyland’s California Adventure makes the tasting experience accessible to the whole family with a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks. Disneyland California Adventure is also advertising a series of family-friendly seminars presented by Chef Daniella Malfitano who emphases the bonding qualities of meal preparation. A Junior Chef Experience hosted by none other than Chef Goofy himself gives young children the chance to make their very own treat in the Hollywood Land area. Disneyland, true to Walt Disney’s vision, creates an atmosphere welcoming to all ages. The Disney 2019 Food & Wine festival is no exception.

Don’t Forget about the Exclusive Merch!

Disney Food & Wine Festival - sign saying California Adventure Food & Wine Festival
Photo Credit: Disneyland Resort

Finally, if you needed any other reasons to check out Food & Wine 2019, look no further than the merchandise. For a limited time only, DCA is offering swag during the festival you won’t want to miss! Amateur somms will love the exclusive Disneyland California Adventure themed cutting board in the shape of a wine bottle. Disney fans know to keep an eye out for limited edition Minnie Mouse headbands, a signature piece of Disney merch. This year a purple band and bow with a hand-drawn chef Mickey print and pair of golden cutlery celebrate the festival. Furthermore, Wine lovers won’t miss the elegantly designed Food & Wine festival wine tote, perfect for taking your favorite bottles out on tastings, picnics or dates. A gourmet loving classic Mickey commemorative Tee also makes an appearance.

In conclusion, The 2019 Disneyland Food & Wine Festival runs from March 1 to April 23. Park admission is required to access the festival vendors, some receptions and seminars are reservation only. It’s a great festival, therefore, here’s the 2020 information.

Indulge your passion for wine and food at the Disney Food & Wine Festival! The kid-friendly environment has delicious pairings, lots of amazing wine and fun for the adults in the family. #Epcotfoodandwinefestival #DisneySMMC #WaltDisneyWorld #Epcot #Food #Wine #DisneyTravel #FamilyTravel #Disneyparks #DisneySide
Photo Credit: Disneyland Resort
Indulge your passion for wine and food at the Disney Food & Wine Festival! The kid-friendly environment has delicious pairings, lots of amazing wine and fun for the adults in the family. #Epcotfoodandwinefestival #DisneySMMC #WaltDisneyWorld #Epcot #Food #Wine #DisneyTravel #FamilyTravel #Disneyparks #DisneySide
Photo Credit: Disneyland Resort
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