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Margaritas are the cornerstone of any beach day, the perfect accompaniment to Mexican food, and one of the best uses of tequila! Getting the right consistency of shaved ice, mix and alcohol is no easy feat, especially at home. If you’ve ever watched those slushie machines they’ve got at your local Mexican restaurant you’re probably wondering how to get the same effect at home. These handy appliances are a great thing to have on hand, and essential if you’re an entertainer. Luckily I’ve taken the time to review the best margarita maker!

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The Best Margarita Makers for Your Home 

One of the best features of any decent margarita maker is that they serve as an all around slushie maker for any of your favorite cold alcoholic drinks. I’ve looked at several models that all have the potential to truly make your summer shine. We’re going to be looking at the value each one of these units provide, their drink capacity, style and features! 

In the meanwhile, think about what you’d like out of a margarita maker. Are you looking for a machine for entertaining at parties, serving yourself and a couple of guests or for a quick taste of paradise once in a blue moon? There’s a margarita maker to suit your needs, budget and style. 

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Margarita Maker Reviews 

You might be asking yourself, ‘what does a margarita maker do?’ Really that’s not a bad place to start! Depending on the machine you’re looking at in particular, most margarita makers are one part blender, one part shaved ice maker, and one part drink dispensing jar. They’re usually quite simple, and are generally designed around making frozen concoctions for large or small get together all in one package. 

Bravo Italia Margarita Machine 

Bravo Italia the best margarita maker

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I thought I’d start off with something a little less conventional to give so interesting perspective into what kind of margarita makers are out there. This Mini Margarita Machine by Bravo Italia produces a quart (4 cups) of slush in about 20 mins. That may sound like a small batch, especially compared to some of the other units we’re going to review. 

If you’re just making a few drinks for you and your friend, this may just be the perfect margarita maker for your taste. Its low profile and neutral design makes it great for kitchen countertops as well. It’s also versatile, using a compressor to make homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt, not to mention whatever slushie drinks your imagination can come up with! It comes in at a lower price point, and provide decent value for its versatility and compact design. 


  • Powerful compressor for making chilled beverages 
  • Small size perfect for countertops and storage when not in use 


  • Only makes small batches of margaritas at a time 
  • No dispensing options besides removing the inner chamber 


Nostalgia Margarita Machine ‘Aqua’ 

Nostalgia the best margarita maker

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Nostalgia is known for their bright colors and retro designs. You’ll either love or hate this fabulously nostalgic shade of blue, if you plan on keeping your margarita maker in your kitchen color is certainly something to consider! In terms of value, this machine has the largest capacity for its relatively lower price point. It produces 1 gallon of margaritas or slush with a convenient double walled mixer design to keep your drinks cold! 

With ice cubes, margarita mix and some of your favorite tequila this mixer is a great, simple entertaining appliance. It shaved ice with a specially designed blending blade so you can get that shaved, flaked texture margaritas are known for. This is a great machine for enjoying margaritas in the simplest way possible, unfortunately the style of this margarita maker is not for everyone. 


  • 1 Gallon of margaritas 
  • Dispensing spout for easy refills 
  • Carrying handle for portability 


  • Regrettable Aqua color 

Margarita Girl Single-Bowl Full Size Margarita Machine 

The best margarita maker margarita girl standup slushie machine

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This is a great choice for either beginner restaurateurs, or extreme margarita enthusiasts! This full size slushie machine is similar in capacity and design to those you’d probably find in a restaurant or gas station. This is a beast of a margarita maker. Using an air-cooled compressor and heavy-duty mixing capabilities this thing will keep the party going all night long. 50 cups of frozen beverages like margaritas are ready to go in about an hour. As far as style is concerned there is virtually none. Its stark commercial design is similar to that of a regular Slurpee maker. 

Unlike other machines, this does not simply blend ice. It takes the contents and freezes liquid to the perfect slushy consistency without over freezing. One thing that needs to be mentioned, this is the most expensive margarita maker I’ve reviewed. Coming in with a very high price tag. That being said, it offers a simple and high capacity solution if you’re looking for lots of margaritas in not a lot of time! Fill pitchers to your heart’s content!   


  • Very high capacity 
  • Simple and very practical 
  • Easy dispensing, especially for pitchers 


  • High-end commercial price range 
  • Commercial design means almost no countertop appeal 

Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett Signature Edition 

Jimmy buffet MArgaritaville margarita machine

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If you’re a diehard margarita drinker, chances are you’ve considered a Margaritaville machine. There’s good reason for that too, they tout ease of use combined with a decent looking drink machine with a large capacity and consistent results. All you’ll need is some ice cubes, your favorite mix and a bottle of tequila and you’re off to the races with this easy to use margarita maker. It is worth noting that this is essentially a base model Key West Margaritaville machine with a special edition Jimmy Buffett design, can’t get much more thematic than that! 

Other units in the Margaritaville product line offer a larger mixing chamber for making more drinks, this one is a middle of the road model, making 1-4 drinks for small get togethers. The draw of this margarita maker is its easy to use pre programmed cycles that mix your margaritas to perfection. This frozen drink maker has the bonus appeal of looking great on the countertop or bar, and its large capacity ice hopper allows you to make 3 full pitchers of margaritas for the ultimate backyard blowout. This is however not a cheap margarita maker, it comes in with a slightly higher price tag,  with that comes sturdy and reliable components as well as a specially designed Jimmy Buffett themed finish. 


  • Designed with style in mind 
  • Simple to use 

Nostalgia Margarita Maker 

Small nostalgia best margarita maker

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This compact and simplistic margarita maker is a great solution if you’re not looking to entertain large parties and value your countertop. This little margarita maker puts out a couple of drinks at a time, its small spout is perfect for individual servings. A little goes a long way with this handy little machine, with a lower price range this is a great value option if you’re not trying to make a lot of margaritas at once. Simple blending controls removes the need for settings or confusion, with just a bit of ice, mix and booze you can enjoy your favorite frozen concoction in seconds. 

This is a great option for the solo bartender party, who said Netflix and rita’s were off the menu? When it comes to a drink making appliance like this little margarita maker, style isn’t of huge concern. I’d like to think of it as more of a form-factor debate. This small machine with a detachable 64oz jar fits comfortably in most base cabinets or pantries, making it a great plug and play margarita maker that you’re definitely not keeping on the counter for style points. 


  • Small, compact margarita maker 
  • Low price tag 


  • Low capacity 

What is the Best Margarita Maker? 

I don’t usually kick-off with the winner but I’ve got to say hand’s down the special edition Margaritaville has got to be my top contender. It’s versatile enough to make all of the frozen concoctions under the sun, and best of all it’s easy to go for refills with a to-loading ice hopper to make jar after jar of delicious margaritas! It’s stylish enough to sit out at any get together, and doesn’t eat up a whole lot of counter space either. 

Set it and forget it features like the pre programmable serving size suggestions makes entertaining a breeze, you’ll find yourself sipping until the sun goes down without a care in the world. The only downside to this margarita maker is its price point, being a bit more expensive than other comparable units on the market. That being said, you get what you pay for. Ultimately you’re better off with a unit that best fits your desired number of drink servings, compared to any other aspect. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my reviews for the best margarita maker! Hopefully you’ve got the chance to get some perspective and learn a little bit about what makes these frozen drink making appliances unique, and a great addition to your party plans this summer! 

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