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Ok ladies I know you’ve already discovered the secret that is yoga pants, but you might need a little help to perfect the yoga wine mom look you’re going for. You know, the outfit your reserve for wine o’clock after the kids have gone to bed, lazy Saturdays at the playground, or really any day with kids because raising kids is hard. We’e got you covered for all the wine drinking occasions in your first year as a parent. Now let’s get you through the next decade or so, mmkay?

How to Perfect the Yoga Wine Mom Look

Now if Queer Eye’s popularity taught me anything it’s that women love being told how to dress by gay men. So even though I’m not rocking this fantastic mom look myself just know that I am extremely jealous of the socially acceptable comfort objects available to you. Extra cupcake at a kid’s party? Yoga pants not only have you covered but they somehow make your butt look great at the same time.

Yoga Pants

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If you don’t have great pair of yoga pants go pick yourself up some. Or several. You won’t be going back to hard pants again.

Yoga pants go with anything and you can wear them anywhere. They’re so popular that no one will bat an eye while you get to enjoy the comfort of stretchy pants. Since you’re a mom you need the full range of motion and flexibility offered by athletic wear for impromptu toddler chases and picking up every damn thing the kids own that they can’t seem to pick up themselves.

Once you’re equipped with the basics add in these great accessories to perfect the yoga wine mom look.

Start With A Multi-style Headband

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This is like, the uniform for wine moms. When you need to get your hair done in a jif this headband has your back. You can put your hair up in one of those trendy top knots and go yet another day with just dry shampoo. People will probably think you’re on the way to the gym during preschool, and not using it to keep your hair out of your daytime glass of Chardonnay.

Use This Yoga Mat Wine Bottle Carrier

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This accessory is really for when the kids are in bed or they’re being looked after by your other half, a babysitter, or grandma. As a mom you need time to relax and de-stress – and yoga is the perfect hobby. Of course, you’re probably going to a great yoga class that somehow includes wine. Whether it’s at class, after it, or you’re just doing YouTube yoga at your friend’s place this yoga mat also gently cradles your most precious extra child – a bottle of wine.

Make Yoga Wine Mom Related T-shirt Choices

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What are you going to wear with those yoga pants? How about some funny yoga wine mom humour shirts. You can pick one up in your favourite colour and announce to all the other moms at school pick up what your day is really about. This shirt is also a great way to make friends and find all the other wine drinking yoga loving moms out there.

Sport This Wine Tumbler to Your Next Event

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I have kids of my own so I know how handy it is to have beverages in a spill proof cup – even your own. Don’t risk spilling any precious wine while your precious angels climb you like a jungle gym and strip you of all remaining sanity. Whether this is hilarious and witty or a depressing outlook of your physical fitness and health will become irrelevant after a couple glasses.

Show You’re a Better Mom With This Baby Sling

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It’s all about the look here – and the yoga wine mom look includes being just a little bit of a hippy. That means carrying your infant around in a fashionable baby sling. No crotch-danging carries for you, yoga mom! Baby slings mean that you hands are now freed up for more important things – like holding a glass of wine. Of course, it would irresponsible if I didn’t say that you should probably put the baby down if you’re going to drink more than a tiny bit.

Decorate Your Home With Yoga Wine Mom Accessories

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Look doesn’t just mean your personal fashion, it’s also how you show off your style at home. Make sure to have at least one sign that references both yoga and wine together. There’s a million options out there to complete your yoga wine mom look at home.

Relax in Style With a Wine O’Clock Beach Hat

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A gorgeous mama like you needs a gorgeous beach hat like this for hot days in the sun with the kids or some yoga on the beach. It’s wide, floppy brim looks stylish and keeps your head, face, and shoulders safe from those damaging UV rays. The best part though? It will have everyone’s expectations already managed when the find out mom is sipping a beachside wine cooler between downward dog and lotus poses.

Learn Everything You Need in This Drunk Yoga Book

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This one might not be for your look, exactly, but it is perfect for wine loving yoga moms. This book has all the wine and yoga poses that you’ll need to have the best yoga session ever. Yes, apparently there are real drunk yoga classes out there too – so if you’re looking for a way to get into the whole wine drinking yoga hobby that’s a great place to start.

And Finally, Something For Those Times You Must Drink Water

Water Bottle

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Whether it’s at the gym, yoga class, or just out and about with your kids this water bottle will thoroughly express your disappointment in the contents of your beverage container. You can’t always drink wine but you can always want to drink it.

Following these tips will definitely make you fit in with the other yoga wine moms you know and hopefully will get your invited to their play dates that include wine you’ve heard so much about. If you’re really short on wine, we also have the definitive guide to gas station wine… you won’t regret reading it.

Ready to perfect the yoga wine mom look? We'll have you doubled over laughing as you find all of the right accessories to really own those yoga pants. This #humor is the kind of thing you need to get through all of the parenting. #yoga #wine #parenting #mom

Ready to perfect the yoga wine mom look? We'll have you doubled over laughing as you find all of the right accessories to really own those yoga pants. This #humor is the kind of thing you need to get through all of the parenting. #yoga #wine #parenting #mom

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