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Get your backpacking gear on for this one, we’re proud to bring you our best wines for hiking trips! These wines are perfect for enjoying with your pals or partner after a long day on the trail. Natural splendour, a whole lot of sweat and some roads less traveled are some of the things that bring hikers back time after time. The end of the trail either means a well-earned glass on the patio or a glorious night under the stars. Why not try out some fantastic wines at the trailhead? 

Realted: Don’t get caught out on the trail without a corkscrew for your favorite wines!

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The Absolute Best Wines for Hiking Trips 

Wine and hiking are like peas in a pod. You really can’t go wrong with a glass of wine on just about any occasion, but these bottles really make it something special. Themed pairings are a great way to explore new types of wine you have yet to come across. Add a few pages to your wine journal and kick back with your friends alongside these bottles you don’t want to miss. I like to keep things casual, so don’t expect any biochemistry or history lessons here folks, it’s about good wine and great times.  

These selections come from my local wine vendors, as well as various online retailers and importers. Take a trip on down to your favorite retailer to find them on the shelves, or shop for something comparable in variety for a great experience! Roll up your sleeves, tie up your bootstraps and get ready to trek on into some new favorite bottles. These are our best wines for hiking trips! 

Soeur Cadette Chénas Wine

  • French Beaujoulais
  • From: La Soeur Cadette
  • Gamay Grapes

This bottle comes to us from the luscious and familiar Gamay grapes grown in France. They’re a cousin of Pinot Noir, with a higher acid content that will satisfy the most worn out hiker after a long day on the trail. Chilled or not is up to you as always I’d say, as this bottle will be serviceable either way. On the trail, it’s understandable that you’d find yourself without a large glass decanter and ice bucket. No worries. The hiking life is about simplicity, beauty in nature, and minimalism. Top off your steel mugs, (we won’t tell anyone if you put it in your water pouch) and enjoy the long road ahead. The path to the promised view may be a long one, but it can end with this easy-going and familiar wine. 

Leitz Out, A Super-Sassy Riesling Spectacular!

  • Dry German Riesling
  • From Josi Leitz
  • Riesling Trocken Variety

Consider taking this friendly and sweet German on your next hiking trip. He’s a little dry, but as reliable and easy to get along with as they come. Sweet and sassy as the namesake proposes, this light-hearted twist on an often overlooked type of wine is a great addition to your hiking backpack. Refreshing and perfect for campfire stories under the stars, this bottle will have you pouring until the night comes to a close. You can’t go wrong with something easy and light when you’re backpacking through the wilderness. Whether it’s a beaten trail or a well traveled scenic route this bottle will compliment your effort and cap off your day marvelously. You’ll be saying, Leitz Out after your last sip. 

Meander Moscato Wine

  • South African Sparkly
  • Produced by Meander
  • Moscato Grapes

Sweet and frizzy, this wine wants nothing more than to be your campside friend. Take it along the journey and you’ll find yourself with a bubbly reward at the end of the day. Perhaps this one could benefit from a good chilling with what you’ve got. Say a babbling brook, a stream, or the odd pond would provide nature’s chill while you set up camp or dust off your boots. Share with friends, this bottle will be a welcome accompaniment to any gathering but particularly those dawned in sweat and insect repellant. Pop the cork and enjoy this lovely bubbly take on a light, crisp and everlasting sweet moscato. 

Fel Chardonnay 

  • Anderson Valley, California
  • Lede Family Wines
  • Chardonnay

This is a gorgeous and smooth unoaked Chardonnay hailing from sunny California. And like Cali folks, this bottle takes a backseat to harsh tones or noisy tasting notes. Expect a smooth and light taste with this sensational take on a wine lover staple. Things are not always what they seem on the trail, nor are they in the wonderful world of Chardonnay. Take a cliffside dive into this golden, fruity and delectable bottle of wine. Keep it simple yet fresh, and don’t forget to grab another bottle for the wine fridge back home. 

Nas del Gegant Rosé

  • Catalonia, Spain
  • By Escoda-Sanahuja
  • A Blend Including Grenache, Cabernet Franc Among Others

Hiking is a year round endeavour for many. In some respects, the spirit of hiking is to leave one’s comfort zone. Gaining new experiences along the way, and traversing the unknown go hand in hand with a hiker’s passion for exploration. This wine satisfies that desire completely. This rough and tumble Rose makes our list for its somewhat different personality. Its characteristics and blend make it an ideal fall wine, perfect for chilly and grey outings. Bold for a Rose, you can expect a more rustic and heavier tone to this bottle. Tuck into a warm sweater, stoke the campfire and end the day with a glass of this beauty. 

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Thank you sincerely for taking the opportunity to check out our top wines for hiking trips! Let us know if you’ve had the chance to try a glass of any of the featured bottles in this list and what your notes were. Anything missing? We’d love to hear which wines you’ve brought backpacking. 

The Best Wines for Hiking Trips | Wine and Hiking | Wines to Bring on Your Hiking Trip | Best Wines for the Woods | Wines to Take Hiking |  #hiking #wine #wineandhiking #bestwine

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